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Paul votes against Ike disaster aid

Paul votes against Ike disaster aid:

I understand why he did this what with the mess of Katrina and FEMA and all.....

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Colonel Davy Crocket

For those of you who never read this story here it is. Please pass it on to your congressmen and senators. It is obvious that they need a history lesson. From bailouts to handouts. "Not yours to give!"


I couldn't bear to sign up

in order to comment on this at the site where it is posted, but fer cryin' out loud, it made me a bit angry that local folks were slamming him for this vote. I mean, why should I, and my friends and families be forced at gunpoint to pay for somebody's problems that live in a hurricane corridor? I DO feel for these people, and if, after I feed and clothe myself and my family, and feel like donating a few dinars to them, am perfectly capable of doing so without having somebody point a gun at me and calling me a heartless bastard because I don't want to take food from my children to give it to somebody else's.

I see what he's doing

But he should really protect himself if he hasn't already by setting up/endorsing a donation effort.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:

He is so heartless

to not want to steal from the taxpayers and give it to those the gov't deems more deserving.