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Crisis Crisis Crisis

Remember this is how they accomplish their goals. Everything begins with a crisis. Thats how they get everyone moving and distracted. "If we don't get this bill now, chaos will ensue"

Ask yourselves what do they want. Its not money, its control. They already have all the money because of their ability to expand credit at will. So then what is it they are after. Its more control and more power. More regulation equals more control. A currency used by the whole continent means more people under control and more groups to be played against each other.

You have already heard them talking about how deregulation and free markets have caused all this. Of course that is utter nonsense. We haven't had truly free markets for a while now because of all the government intervention over the years. Chrysler bailout. Savings and loan bailouts and the unending number of corporate bancruptcies and restructuring through the courts that have allowed bad players to remain in the game causing damage to the remaining players. i.e. the airline industry. And many other examples that you all can provide.

The point is, to get from this failed system that controls only us, they would like to get to the "new and improved" system that will streamline the economy and provide for "greater stability" in financial markets and "ease the flow of goods and services" throughout the Americas, it will become necessary to have a "new, stronger more flexible currency" . This is how the Amero or whatever name they come up with, will be sold, packaged or marketed to you. They will show you all the features, advantages and benefits of this new "sound" currency over the out of date "dollars" of yesteryear. A global economy demands a new type of currency you will be told and you will come out ahead of where you were before.

The bailout is nothing more than another step in the planned destruction of the dollar which in the end will require a new currency to be ushered in to save the day. After all they had no choice. The had to save us.

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Doesn't take a genius

I'm right there with you. There is only one direction our current policy takes us and it's nothing less than Orwellian. They have a long way to go but they've also come very very very far. They've accomplished quite a lot and there's no turning back for them.

Once the public is armed with the truth it will all come crashing down. I think people are starting to wake up exponentially. It won't be long until critical mass is reached. I think the globalists see that and it's the reason for the expedited time table. We are in a race. Truth vs Propaganda. They have their massive tool set and we have ours. It's not so unbalanced as it seems because if we can get them to hasten their plans then we are having quite the impact.

If we can get them to worry we can beat them.

Our job

is to provide the solution. They know and we know, that this system is doomed. There is no way to repay this massive debt. They will be forced into a default situation, which will create a global panic. It will be up to us to offer the counter solution to their solution. Our solution of course is the only Constitutional one out there. A return to gold and silver as money as Ron Paul has so eloquently stated so many times. Military officers must be reminded of their oaths to support and defend this constitution which includes the solution to this "crisis". This is another of our jobs.

We know this is the midrange endgame

What we're trying to figure out now is how do they take us from here to there and what stops are along the way?

(of course the ultimate endgame being ultimate control of resources and the population)

The sad fact, is that if they are successful, and they control the planet, how long do you figure it will take them to get bored and resort to cannibalism - literally?