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Nevada Heroine has new Blog

Those of you who are old timers to Daily Paul will remember the heroic battle we fought in Nevada with the Republican Party machine and their illegal closing of our state convention. The dedicated Terhune family was responsible for reconvening the convention. They are heroes to the Freedom Movement. Jennifer Terhune was Ron Paul's Communications Director for Nevada and she has started a new blog. She is an incredible woman and is a great writer. Her writings will stir your emotions and inspire you. Please visit her blog http://jents-pen.blogspot.com/ and read what she has written, post your thoughts, and please participate in the poll.

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Jen's Pen

Continue to check the blog weekly!

AD in NV

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Thanks . . .


Thanks for the post Jim, we had a great time Wed night...

...and thanks Jen for putting together such a nice blogsite.

See you guy's around Reno.

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AD in NV

AD in NV


Awesome Blog!

Bump for Nevada Heroine's new Blog

AD in NV

AD in NV

AD in NV A worthy read!

AD in NV

A worthy read!

AD in NV