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Game-changing Austrian resource needed NOW!

Can you help?

I'm looking for a single Web resource with the VERY BEST audio recordings, videos, and writings on Austrian-based analysis of the root causes of the economic crisis AND advice about how to protect oneself now.

NOW is the time when the American people are forming their opinions about these matters, and it's imperative that we all present our friends and family with the Austrian case. We must inform others that the 'Austrians' have long forewarned about the credit, derivative, and US insolvency crises -- and we need to make their introduction to this scholarly tradition as easy to understand as possible.

This resource must provide clear, authoritative, introductory material that is not hyperbolic, overreaching, overly academic, or logically flawed in any way. I'm well aware that some sites provide loads of information on these topics, but I'm looking for a single, focused outreach tool. Fact is, most people won't spend time digging for information themselves, and they simply don't have time to wade through a barrage of links -- so this resource must be as user-friendly as possible.

As evidenced by this week's encouraging backlash over the recent bailout proposal, many people are now questioning their most basic assumptions about the establishment and the state. Perhaps for the first time in their lives, many folks suspect the Emperor has no clothes. Let's show them the mirror!

Please post your suggestions below. Many thanks in advance.

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"The Bailout Reader"

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.


Exactly what I had in mind -- though I would like to see them mix in a few multi-media resources.

Many thanks to Lew, Jeff, and everyone else at the Mises Institute! The Bailout Reader will prove to be an invaluable, one-stop resource.

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Transfer your money out of

Transfer your money out of JPMorgan and put it into your own private bank. Be sure to exchange it into real American money, silver and gold.



see my hypothesis

in another post:

Get OFF grids (and NO Pickens plan!)

someone posted this website earlier:

I haven't read it but it claims to be about explaining on a basic level for all to understand.


You might consider lewrockwell.com. I don't know about

video resources, but there are certainly audio broadcasts regarding the current state of affairs and no shortage of written analysis spanning years leading up to where we are at this point in time as well as where we will probably be at some point down the road.
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."



Plenty of lectures and articles as well as books to read. I go everyday and try and listen. Great stuff!!

How about www.mises.org

How about www.mises.org ???


Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

An indispensable resource ...

... with LOADS of great information, to be sure. Our movement wouldn't be what it is without the Mises Institute. But the volume of info on their site can be overwhelming, especially for the newcomer.

I'm looking for a focused, introductory page that addresses the crisis from an Austrian perspective. An emphasis on audio and video is also important, as many people are willing to watch or listen to something, but few take the time to read. The YouTubes created for the Ron Paul campaign proved the point, as we all know.

Anyway, such a page might exist on Mises.org, but I've failed to find it.

Thanks for your response.

Perhaps you can find what you're seeking here

Check out this page at the Ron Paul Library.

Another great resource, but ...

... the RP Library doesn't present materials in an accessible, structured manner for the uninitiated. Although they rank the most popular columns and speeches from Dr. Paul, they don't build logically on one another, and the user still needs to dig to find materials that are directly related to the root causes of the crisis.

But thanks for the suggestion! :-)

good idea

I believe there are actual schools of Austrian economics you can find online and email experts for their advice.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:

Good suggestion ...

... thank you. I actually did e-mail some folks at LRC, the FFF, and the Mises Institute. It would be great if one those sites would create such a resource (like the Ron Paul Page on LRC), but I'm sure those folks are already swamped by their Herculean work load.

Of course, knowing the energy and creativity of the Ron Paul movement, I suspect some entrepreneurial soul has already assembled such a resource. I just haven't found it myself -- and, at the moment, life prevents me from digging further.