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What I said to my congressman!

For those who haven't contacted your congressman or senators because you don't know how to say how you feel or you just don't know what to say, here is what I have sent my congressman, who happens to be Brian Bilbray from 50th district California.
This is the 3rd installment. Keep pushing them, they are changing there tune!!!!

Here is what I wrote:

I have seen the video of you on KUSI news and I am confident that you will do the right thing and make this bill for the people, and not the banks!!!!
There should be no bail out Congressman!!!!
Wall street is used for blame, but why don't you look into the Federal Reserve, why don't you look into how they played a role. The Federal Reserve is who created this problem, they are to blame no doubt!!!!
They control and manipulate the markets, and now there scheme is about to unravel and they want a bail out of $700 billion of our dollars!?!?!?!
I am a veteran who has fought in Iraq and I am not pleased with our government. I have realized I have been fighting the wrong terrorist abroad and now I see that we have some here in our homeland and they are the Federal Reserve, the current administration, and the politicians.
I know the bill included basically immunity from being investigated and prosecuted under our laws, that just tells me there is more than meets the eye!!!!!!
Something has to be done but bailing out these banks is a big no!
Giving this money to them is not what the people want!!!!
This is the United States of America, by the people for the people!!!
We are not United States of America Incorporated!!!! Well at least not officially!!! People will be fumed, people will want accountability from these stupid bankers and the Federal Reserve!!! We demand it. I am a hard working Veteran/ former Marine and I like other American's have debt and I am paying it off. If you bail out these banks or financial institutions, what will motivate me to keep paying it off? What example are you setting!?!?!
What are you telling America?!?!
Don't pay your debt? Because there is no point to it because we can print more money and say everything is ok? All this bill is doing is giving them a bigger credit card, we are raising there credit limit. In turn this will demolish the dollar, just wait and see.
I speak the truth for the people, by the people. This is the third e-mail I am sending you, I mean what I say, I served my country honorably, I work and pay taxes, I am a father and husband, I am a Republican, and most importantly, I have put my life on the line for this country, and this bail out is a disgrace to all American's who have served, because this countries leaders would rather bail out big business and banks rather than bail out and help the veterans, troops, and the people who really do need it. We are in the same shoes, if anyone deserves to get bailed out, it is the people, and when I say people I mean the people who actually work for a living. There will be more emails from me, I am enraged and I have something say! I am a human being and I am not going to take it anymore!!!!!!!

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