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**Bailout Deal Stalls as Republicans Revolt**

House Republicans Balk at Bailout Plan

posted: 1 HOUR 4 MINUTES AGOcomments: 9073filed under: National News, Political NewsPrintShareText SizeAAAWASHINGTON (Sept. 25) -

A Republican revolt stalled urgent efforts to lash together a national economic rescue plan Thursday, a chaotic turnaround on a day that had seemed headed for a success that President Bush, both political parties and their presidential candidates could celebrate at an extraordinary White House meeting.

Weary congressional negotiators worked into the night, joined by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in an effort to revive or rework the $700 billion proposal that President Bush said must be quickly approved by Congress to stave off potentially "a long and deep recession."

They gave up after 10 p.m. EDT, more than an hour after the lone House Republican involved, Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama, left the room. Democrats blamed the House Republicans for the apparent stalemate. Those conservatives have complained that the plan would be too costly for taxpayers and would be an unacceptable federal intrusion into private business.

(rest of article here): http://news.aol.com/article/white-house-summit-ends-on-sour-...

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Find out who's 'revolting' and encourage them!

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The Republicans are trying to save their jobs and McCains campaign.

will this whole scam be used to give McSame a bump?

I heard an intriguing speculation from a friend yesterday. He's worried that this entire situation is being manipulated to position McSame as the hero who brings everything and everyone together for the miracle "rescue plan". Reminds me of how the RNC delegations passed on the first round of voting in order to let the AZ delegation cast the "winning" votes for McSame. I hope we don't get fooled again.

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What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I have a feel you're right

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

Thank the heavens!

There is common sense with our leaders!!!!!!!!!
I am very astonished at this!!!!!
Come on, tell them you mean what you mean Bachus!
I am impressed, someone actually used common sense and used our own laws to deny Bush and the democratic Goombas!!!!
I think the only reason the Dems are for it is because it involves Big Government. Damn Jackals!

"The real terrorist's are in this country. They are not planning to blow us up,......... but rather, take our money, our freedom, and our country."