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Snoozing still?

It appears it is MUCH later than we thought. Who are these people who are so incredibly insane as to plan our mass execution? Why are they still walking around?


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Oh, I hate subtle things

they get me every time.


Seems there are opinions this video is a hoax as also the subject matter. It has been discussed on DP before:


If it is a hoax then I tender my apologies. I'll do more checking...

It's the ONION SPAN not C-Span

Anyone that takes this video seriously is a stupid idiot that should be strung up by their [classified] and burned with [classified] until their [classified] falls off..

You never fail to be eloquent and outspoken

djdevon... glad we have at least one gifted observer here...

(read a/h).


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.