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BS USA Today -

78% of Americans want a financial bailout.

I don't know who the hell they are polling, but I have talked with many people this week and amazingly, I spoke with no one who wants it.

These polls are BS

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Their own poll shows the EXACT opposite!-as of last night (they might have caught on by now and switched numbers-just like the old Ron Paul polls).

maybe they just did a Diebold

on the online polls, e.g. counting yes as no and no as yes...

I'm sure they are defining Bailout differently

Than the one being proposed. I'd imagine 78% of the people would like the government to step in in some way, just not in the way proposed. Or perhaps they are asking if they are in favor of a bailout if it meant that the market wouldn't crash.

Anyway, don't you expect that many congressmen know that if the bailout is rejected, the market manipulators will take things down unpurpose, eventually forcing the governments hand.

No I'm serious I was watching that poll last night

It was 79 against the bailout, All they do is when they don't get the response they want they just quickly and easily switch them.

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Just like with the Ron Pau/Mccain votes they switched them

the actual number last night was the other way around. That's all they do they just switch them.
~Mikael / Peace, love, Light and unity ~

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Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

That's a Murdoch paper, isn't it?

I'd take anything they have to say with about half of a ten-pound salt lick.


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I actually "gasped" when I heard that!

CNN's poll: 98% NO BAILOUT!

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