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Make the children afraid, of the GOVERNMENT

This was just an idea I came up with the other day. I was thinking about how to make the public aware of the fact that our freedoms are being threatened by the goverment and I came up with this: SCARE the children or at least make them concerend. This could be accomplished by running ads like "Children! The police can take your mum and dad away from you, be afraid/concerned.." or "The government can take your home away, be prepared.."

Ads like this would make children concerned/scared and they should be, at least I´m concerned about what the future will bring. They would most probably go to their parent and ask about it and hopefully adults would wake up.

I know this is cruel in away, I´ve got a daughter of 2 (btw she can already recognize Ron Paul from a picture, I´m from Finland so I´m kinda proud of that) but children have a right to know and they dererve the freedom we´ve enjoyed. What do you guys thinki? Could this work?

God bless!

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Never put your fear into your children

I understand your point but it is more about educating them about it. For example, when they ask me why they have to put their seatbelts on I tell them because the government made up the rule and if they don't put their seatbelts on, I'll get a "sad note" - when they buy something with their allowance and the tag says it costs, say, $1.00, and they get to the cashier and it comes to $1.07 I tell them it's because we have to pay the government taxes which are supposed to go for good things like fixing roads, paying the police, etc. but sometimes greedy people in the government take it and use it for themselves but that there are lots of people in the government like Ron Paul who would never do such a thing.

If you go into a fist fight,

If you go into a fist fight, and you fear your opponent, you've already lost.

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I would prefer to teach them the Constitution.

Sentence by sentence, in a required basic law class in high school.

Shouldn't everyone, at a minimum, know the supreme law of the land they live in?

That could have a huge affect on the mindset of the entire population. People would instantly realize when something was unconstitutional.

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This isn't going to happen

in a government sponsored, socialistic school. And do we really want the government to REQUIRE a class in high school? What, more laws? Or, are you referring to homeschool? or private school? In this case, I agree.

Classes are already required in public school.

If any class is required, it should be one that teaches you the basic laws of the society that you live under.

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"We have nothing to fear but

"We have nothing to fear but FEAR ITSELF"

If there is a use for fear, it would be to make GOVERNMENT fear the Children, not the Children fear the Government.

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scare tactics un-neccessary

THEY are
NOT stupid ..KIDS already are taught to fear in school buy teacher & authority action ..I'm scared & when we talk, they get the vibes..


comments please!

I can understand

what you are saying. Remember, the old fairy tales and how dark they were. Then everyone including me thought oh, we can't read these we need happy tales. Maybe, our ancestors were right to teach children tales of caution and not to be to gullible. Peace

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Conquerors do not possess

Conquerors do not possess fear, sheep do.
Start teaching the Children courage, not fear.

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Teach children their unalienable rights; school won't teach it to them. Teach them right and wrong. Teach them love, not fear.

I still think it would make a difference

Well, people should be afraid and concerned. Americans and Europeans are afraid for the wrong reasons (terrorism, global warming) and it´s the government together with the MSM that has put the fear in people. How many times haven´t you heard here in this forum that people should be afraid of the government, haven´t Ron Paul himself said it many times? Children should be concerned about the future because they do have a lot to loose. And if they´re concerned with an issue they will go to their parents and they will hopefully do something about it. Parents listen to their children, they want their children to feel safe and be happy.

God bless!

setting aside the point of view about govt...

havent we had enough fear based thinking in America for awhile? I know you arent from here, but its really encouraged a delusional perspective in so many ways. I think we should encourage our children to be open, confident people who are able to think for themselves...and I am sure you do too. I have 4 young kids, and the last thing I want them to learn is that life is full of things to fear.

I think that instead of fearing forces that appear beyond control, an American can work effectively to make his government more accountable and responsive to its constituents.

Be of good cheer!

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The Number one reason people lose money is the FEAR of losing money.

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Well, it won't be put on the MSM,

that's for sure, and we don't want children to be afraid. Being afraid is part of the problem. We need to be bold, and unafraid, and teach them that they have power to straighten this govt out. We do need to teach them however. Teach them to stand up for their rights, and teach them the Constitution, and that their rights are godgiven, and protected by the Constitution.

And We Must Teach Them

The Philosophy of Liberty!

"NO!! I take my marching orders from the CONSTITUTION!" - Ron Paul

"Let the good heart speak words of true peace, not inciting others to further war." -- B.I.S.

Any comments anybody!?

Any comments anybody!?