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Why are we still sitting around?

Imagine your local Congressman or Senator knocking on your door with his arm around a guy in a $3000.00 suit. Your representative proceeds to tell you that this gentleman has made some errors that seemed to get out of hand in spite of warnings from individuals such as you who have been trying to get Congress to listen. He then proceeds to tell you that you have absolutely no choice but to give him $2333.33 for every member of your household. As they are walking back to their limo slapping each others backs and firing up Cuban cigars you can swear you heard something along the order of "what a bunch of rubes". We should all be heading to Washington. If this isn't a call to mobilization of our numbers I'd like to know what its going to take.
In closing Baldwin should show up at Obama's singular debate tonight.

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Been at this for 3 days

with the letters and faxing and calling and emailing .

I just pulled together a little form letter a few days ago and have gotten TONS of people to sign them. Then I fax it off to Sens/Reps. Works great. Most people will not call or email, but they'll write their signature and address at the bottom of a form letter....Not sure why, but it works.

Going back to it just as soon as I've finished reading up and working my way thru this pot of coffee.

Back out to the streets everyone!

Because the rally

Here in Tallahassee was yesterday :)

Heres a list of a few rallys put on by leftist groups across the country -


Dont forget to sign the petitions to open the debates to all third party candidates!



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Cuz it is 6:30 AM and I am sipping coffee

before I head downtown to hit every the Senators' and Congressmens' offices in person. Done with phone calls and emails, going in person today.
And it would take me 3 or 4 days to get to DC, by then the deal will be done.
We all need to be VISIBLE though.
OK, I am signing off to go raise some hell.
This is the day, gang, to turn the tide. Now or never.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


I'm proud of you!! I'm sitting here in Oxford Ms.waiting for the debates. Man it's going to be fun!! Adam"s coming!!