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Anyone know how to rip off Youtube?

I want to take some videos off Youtube from the baldwin campaign. Anyone know how to do this?

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Use Mozilla Firefox browser

then download Firefox's - "Downloadhelper" plug-in

Your good to go.

That's what I use. It's

That's what I use. It's really simple. Here is the link.

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I use it as well ~

Changed my life. It's wonderful, and easy as it's as easy as can be to always access videos when the downloadhelper icon is loaded into the firefox toolbar. :p

Then download flv player or vlc player to play the vids

The vids are in .flv format. So you need a player that can play them in that format. flv's are very small files. I save mine in flv and IF need be for a project, then I convert.

These players have a small footprint. I like flv player, it works smoother. vlc player plays just about any type of video format.

keep vid

keepvid works fine. I've used this to get a video off of you tube to preserve it in case the poster tried to delete after exposing there lie. It worked as planned.

I use Video Piggy and DVD Flick to make my DVD's ...

I downloaded Video Piggy and use it to convert Youtubes to iPod Video MP4's and save them in a new file folder that I created on my desktop. Once they have been converted to MP4's, I use DVD Flick to burn them onto a dvd. They always work for me and make pretty good dvd's that play in almost all dvd players that you use w/your tv set.

Here's the sites for both free downloads:
Video Piggy: http://www.videopiggy.com/
DVD Flick: http://beginwithsoftware.com/videoguides/dvd-flick-guide.html

what about mp3s???

I have no home internet and would like to burn some of the LvMI's mp3 audio files to disc... any information greatly appreciated
"The War Prayer - Mark Twain"

I thought "Rip Off" Meant Steal

Anyway: might be the generation gap

Any Video Converter: free version and pay version

Converts on the fly but ya have to set it for the type of video that ya want on the right top, also retains the .flv file.

Any Video Converter: has youtube button at the top, just put in the address, click encode, add more on the fly, simple.


Someone shared this awhile ago on here, I've been usin' it ever since.

in safari

go to activity under the window pull down

double click on the largest file (usually in MB's) to start download

change/add .flv suffix

playable in real player or you can upload elsewhere

Often no software is needed, and usually I don't recommend any.

Open your Temporary Internet files folder and drag any video you watch onto your desktop.

For Internet Explorer:

1. Let the video you want fully load.

2. In Internet Explorer go to menu Tools>Internet Options>General tab>Browser History section>Settings button>View Files button.

3. This will open your Temp files folder. Click on Favorites>Add to Favorites in order to add it to your favorite links for quick access. Click on the size column to sort files by size - this will list all downloaded videos first. Then minimize the Temp files folder window and click cancel on both Internet Explorer menu windows.

4. Any time you watch a video, just maximize the Temp files folder and drag the video to your desktop. This will work for most videos, not just youtube.

5. The ones it will not work for are protected ones and some streaming video. For those you will need an application. I recommend the free Orbit downloader here, which will download almost anything:


Dont have it start or run automatically though, only use it when necessary.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

I've been using


But I'm gonna check out trollkillerthomas's suggestion with firefox download helper.

Edit: Just downloaded the helper for firefox and it looks fantastic. Thanks again TrollKiller!

for the mac


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Zillatube. I found it to

Zillatube. I found it to be the best. It costs 29.99, but that's good for life.

It's user friendly and really fast. It converts the videos for windows and then back again.

I 2nd that.

Not to mention it saves most flash videos.


I'm gonna have to check that out.. Got any more input on the firefox helper?

Here is what I have been using.. http://www.savetube.com/ It will pretty much save anything that you can find I think.

Edit: Just downloaded the helper for firefox and it looks fantastic. Thanks again TrollKiller!