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How You Can Help Ron Paul

Thanks to the stranger for passing this along. Jay Taylor, a New York based investment adviser, sent this around to his subscribers yesterday:

Dear Subscriber,

I suggested in an earlier message today that you should do what you can to help Ron Paul win his bid for the Presidency. Then later this day, I received an email from John Cliffton, who heads a group of people here in NYC who are working hard for Ron.

Many of the ways suggested to help Ron are directed here in New York City and update New York. However, there were a number of activities that are appropriate from all around the country. I am passing those particular ideas along to you in the hope that some of you will be willing and able to do your little part to help this champion of liberty and our Constitution. By the way, the man who is heading up this effort here in Queens New York where your editor lives is a wonderful guy named John Cliffton. John ran for Governor of the State of New York as a libertarian in the last election. John can be reached at mrjclifton@yahoo.com. In any event here are ways you can help Ron:


URGENT IOWA PHONE BANK PROJECT: Paul won a straw vote in NH over the weekend, which shows he has some organizational strength when amidst the right audience. But Romney's forces are immensely in place to produce a strong showing for him in the pivotal Iowa Straw Vote in August. Paul's secret weapon? US!!! Supporters have melted the phones down before to reverse GOP efforts to exclude him, and to get media to include him. The Iowa vote will be hugely covered by the media, so this is a call to arms---this time, we NEED to roll voters directly.

1. YOU CAN ACT be a part of Ron Paul's national phone bank, to call likely voters in Iowa to improve their awareness of our candidate. Push-calling is done by the well-funded candidates all the time---only in our case, we are emphatically SINCERE in our pushing Paul. If you have a phone, it is perhaps THE MOST CRUCIAL way for you to help at this point! A Paul victory or strong second will send shock waves across the establishment. The below YouTube video explains exactly what to say and how to get involved (locally, contact member Avery Knapp for details, averyknapp AT gmail.com). Orack may have his 'Obama Mama,' but we've got Rachel, the Ron Paul Junkie!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl6SVrqhdDM

2. Paul Torrent Download Available: For those who missed the memo, a 4.3 GB .iso video file of Ron Paul's interviews and speeches is now available through the 'bit torrent' system. This is perfect for downloading and burning to disk, for mass copying and handout purposes. Additionally, the more people who have the file on their computers, the easier it will be for others to also download the file (google the topic and read up on bit torrents to understand how this works). Download the torrent file at: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3728002/RON_PAUL_2008.iso

3. CBS and NBC Campaign: Okay, Paul has broken the big broadcast media ice with his appearance on ABC's This Week---now for the other two! Below is the contact info for Meet the Press and Face the Nation---gently INSIST they also interview Ron Paul. Now that Paul is one of the top three announced candidates (money wise), and has been on ABC, no more excuses! Go to this link to send a message to Bob Schieffer at CBS’ Face The Nation, and ask him to interview Ron Paul: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/1998/07/08/ftn/main13479.shtml

Go to this link, and ask NBC’s Tim Russert, again, to interview Ron Paul for the full hour in his current "Meet the Candidates" series on Meet The Press:

VOTE: We will be getting an informal sense of the meetup members as on two matters----1, what day/week and circumstances where the meetup should meet with Ron Paul or his campaign manager this summer, and 2, should the meetup in some way endorse the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative (to start a new investigation). The latter project is part of a coalition strategy to potentially help bring together several groups (Paul supporters, 9/11 truthers. antiwar groups). This could allow Paul's message to ultimately penetrate a larger grassroots community of already-established networks. If there are ideas olong this line you would like to also share, bring them with you on Saturday.

-Beachfront Activism: The city and LI beach areas are places for quiet activism, where you can promote Paul literally while laying in the sun. 'Outreach on the beach' is a very low-key, low-pressure way to get the word out. At the strategy meetup members held Friday in the Long Beach area, we enjoyed free happy hour drinks and food near a harbor, while other custumers of the restaurant picked up our Paul palm cards from our table with hardly any hard-sell done on our part. If you're going to the beach anyway, take your Paul flyers or cards with you, along with a 'Take One' sign, a beach chair, a large Ron Paul sign and a portable DVD player running Paul videos, then watch what happens!

-That's all I've got, see you at the meetup!!

---Peace & Freedom, John---
Organizer, NYC RP Meetup

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face the nation

Dr. Paul 2008 I tried to e-mail Face the Nation to request Ron Paul but it would not go. We really need to hit our knees as well as the pavement and pray for the campaign. God is the only One to make this happen. We are His hands and feet extended. Blessings to you all and thanks for all your hard work on behalf of our RON PAUL.

Dr. Paul 2008

email returned from face the nation

the email bounced~


Ron Paul is My President

Tucker has driven me insane

Tucker has driven me insane for almost an hour while I waited to see Dr. Paul (he's doing well!). I guess making us wait is proof Ron sells eyeballs...(Sorry if this is off topic, I didn't really see anyplace to post it!)

Don't Get Involved with the 9/11 Truthers


I will have a hard time being involved with any grassroots organization that is allied with the 9/11 Truthers. Regardless of the merits of the Truther's views on the September 11th attacks, getting those guys on board will turn off mainstream supporters, such as myself, to Dr. Paul.

If they're involved, I won't be. The notion that 9/11 was a inside job is simply factually incorrect, to believe otherwise invites appropriate ridicule.


James H.

Maybe you're right......but

James, you may be right for Rep. Paul to keep a distance from the controversial 9-11 attacks because its a no - gain situation for Paul, but I don't see how you can catagorically deny any US involvement. The evidence is just overwhelming. One simple test you can to do to make sure you are correct in your finding. Fact: The Pentagon is the most heavily camera monitored building in the world. Now find 1 (one) picture, or clip, of a passenger airliner in the same frame. That should be real easy, but you can't - because it wasn't there. No strewn luggage, no bodies, no ambulances being loaded with dead, no fusealge. Just a few placed makeshift parts scattered about that don't connect. Go ahead and try.......As difficult as it is to imagine, our White House is stained with blood. Now we've got a "war on terror". Probably going to spend a lot of money on this one, don't you think? Forget the truth of 9-11, it'll never come out, they hauled all the evidence away with a 24/7 operation to a protected site! Oh, but they did find one of the hijacker's passport in all the rubble! Amazing. By electing Rep. Paul, we won't have to worry about events like this. On this, we can agree. Al.

alan laney


First of all, I agree with your main point here. The 9/11 issue should be left out of the campaign. If you're saying that you won't support Dr. Paul because 9/11 truthers do, I'd have to disagree. You'd be robbing yourself of your own vote and robbing Dr. Paul of needed support. You'll never agree with everyone on every issue...you have to focus on the common ground. The questions are how does Ron Paul's message fit into your ideals and who is the best choice for President?

Secondly, what facts can you offer to suggest that 9/11 was not an inside job? It's assumed that it was not. The burden would be to prove that it was. I don't want to believe that it was, but I cannot accept the official explanation. I think a real investigation is warranted. Please don't take this personally, but if you believe that fire alone took those buildings down (don't forget WTC7), I wouldn't want you in my grassroots organization.

It depends on the definition of "it"

Your concern is legitimate; you don't believe that 9/11 was an inside job and you don't want to hear it in context of support for Dr. Paul because you feel that that damages his credibility. I'll try to address this concern.

Dr. Paul's position is simply that the investigation was a sham. The 9/11 Commission had no time, no money and lots of people lied and were promoted. So there indeed should be another, proper investigation because thousands of fellow Americans were murdered on that day. We should agree to this point.

That having been said, some Ron Paul Meet Up groups are going to have some 9/11 Truthers in them. Some won't. Of those that do, some will probably want to talk about it. If you aren't interested in sharing that sort of conversation with them, it should be easy to just tell them respectfully that you don't wish to discuss the matter. It shouldn't be that big a deal.

The important thing is that you should support Dr. Paul if you find his philosophy of government appealing. For me, it is more than that; I consider that our country is probably effectively lost without dramatically reverting to the Founders' original (Constitutional) scheme. It's more worrisome for people like me who have children. They're screwed without Dr. Paul.

Yours Very Truly,


The 9-11 Truth is a separate issue

The 9-11 truth is a separate issue from the campaign. The Chicago meet-up group recognizes that it is an issue for some people but have made it clear that it is a separate issue of the campaign and not one that Dr. Paul supports or endorses. If he has, i would like to see the proper reference to it as i don't believe that he has ever endorsed that 9-11 was an inside job.

"Dr. Paul's position is simply that the investigation was a sham. The 9/11 Commission had no time, no money and lots of people lied and were promoted" Please give proper citation to this statement as I would like to know whether it is truth or not.

The general consensus among the populace is that 9-11 was a tragic event done by Islamic radicals. AT this juncture to suggest otherwise would be detrimental to any campaign as it is not a mainstream consensus. I urge all that believe this to please take those issue to proper places of protest and please leave your Ron Paul signs at home when you do. I myself agree that there should be a 2nd look, however, that is not the main focus of this campaign and not to demean the 9-11 truth seekers but there is a bigger picture to the whole movement and that is the message of freedom, the founding father's principles and The man himself Dr Know, Congressman Ron Paul.

As the saying goes, 1st things 1st-- Lets get the man nominated and then elected

Run Ron Run!!!


Bad attitude

Paul needs all the help he can get. There is nothing wrong with what they're doing and there are real problems with the investigation that occurred. You don't have to agree with the various theories (there are many).

The message is Ron Paul and freedom. As long as everyone agrees to concentrate on that, what's the problem?

911 Truthers

Hi James:

Dr. Paul has clearly stated that he thinks the idea that 911 was an inside job is "silly." He's not involved with those people. I'm with him.

That said, join up and dive in. :)

I agree

Anyone doing our events are asked to leave their own agenda home and promote the agenda of Ron Paul. We ask they only stick with Ron Paul issues.

See this page here for a similar request from the CA rally organizers:


It says:

"Ron Paul's message has attracted many supporters who are passionate about other issues as well. This rally is for promoting Dr. Paul's campaign, and we ask that you please refrain from bringing signs or banners promoting other issues and groups.

Thank you for your cooperation."

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Excellent, hands-on, suggestions

Leave it to the New York City folks to take a hands-on, no-nonsense approach to assisting the campaign of Dr. Paul. This is activism at its best: solid suggestions about what to do and how to do it.

Bear in mind that the media are under marching orders from Big Government and Big Corporations to keep Dr. Paul's exposure to a minimum; yet they must, at least, give the appearance of fairness, so that is our foot in the door. That is why it is important to keep up the assault on the media: Tim Russert and the others.

This is one story to print out and then do what he says. It's really good.

trouble with MSNBC link

I tried a dozen times to get to the right MSNBC and NBC pages http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6872152/ but was rerouted back to yahoo or google search. It is almost as if there were road blocks to those pages. This needs to be checked out. I did however manage to leave a message with Face the Nation. Thanks.

404 Error for Face the Nation

I was able to submit feedback to Meet the Press, but I get an error every time I click the "Submit" button for Face the Nation. Maybe the servers are being flooded? (wishful thinking)

Sarcasmo, hello from a recent NB convert ;-)

Call NBC

212 644-4444 (I'm pretty sure that's the number!)