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Will there be a run on Washington Mutual Today

I find it very strange that banks have been taken over on fridays to keep people from panicking. Now all of a sudden waining support for the bail out ,,And he takes over WAMU on a thursday . Play on the stock market fear or bank run?

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I probably should withdraw

The one reason I liked WaMu was it was relatively independent. Now it's another Rockefeller/Morgan tentacle of evil...

On that note, who owns Bank

On that note, who owns Bank of America?

The timing

was intended to be a "show" to the people and Congress that financial institutions are failing as they are not giving up the money to save them.

It's a ploy.
WaMu was going down anyway.

I don't think there'll be a bank run on WaMu.
Sure, there will be some more people than normal removing their money,but not a mass "run" on the bank.

I Pulled My $$ Out...

And just last week I finally convinced my wife's grandma to pull her savings from WAMU. The bank run has been going on for sometime now. I think as soon as people started seeing WAMU appear in the financial news, WAMU's money started to drain.



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Since Sept 15 almost 16

Since Sept 15 almost 16 Billion has been removed from WAMU....it has been a slow bank run.

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nah, no run on the bank. The

nah, no run on the bank. The people are too trusting of our insolvent system. Most probably dont even KNOW that wamu just went under.

JPM "FED" Chase will cause a reverse run

Chart of who "owns" the Federal Reserve

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