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Mind Boggling Mess

Unless you've been under a rock hiding from Al Qaeda for the past
24 hours, you've undoubtedly noticed the wrangling over this bailout package.


Even the MSM is having a hard time figuring out how to spin and play the normal game they play. Nobody can keep up.

1. McCain playing politics by heading to Washington.
2. The Democrats trying to ramrod a deal through WITHOUT having a deal done.
3. Almost everyone, except the people on CNBC, even TALKING ABOUT whether we even NEED a package. They are talking about the package as if its a forgone conclusion and must happen!

WHAT?!!! Why not talk about the package itself (The White House version) and list the bullet points? Americans are obviously sending the emails and burning up the phones, are these bastards listening (both sides of the isle)?

If you're a critical thinking mature person, this is absolutely mind blowing. Take note people, this is what goes on all the time however, this 1-2 punch just happens to have a microscope directly foisted upon it.

If you want this embarrassing type of crap to end, the leadership in congress has got to go. Vote them out! Run yourself, find alternatives, do something in your local districts and your states.