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One of the most significant pieces of news I've ever read

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U.S.suicide imminent

I agree ,Yu is a smart financial man .TOO bad no one on either side is listening .OUR leaders certainly don't hear a VOICE IN THE wilderness. CHINA, itself should listen to this man..Cutting CREDIT to the U.S.now is my big scare .Financial warfare PLAIN & SIMPLE...Foreign nations BLACKMAILING the U,S. into NWO submission, is the PICTURE.. Their goes DEMOCRACY & our REPUBLIC..THE dictator will be on his ride in...THE other nation are going to lock us into slavery & our children Thanks to their blackmailing, thank you to the U.S.It's been fun...
KOOL heads are not prevailing & the world concequences are going to be devistating...WE have IDIOTS for GOV'T officials..
SAY no more.