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Best source for bulk organic seeds for sprouting and storing?

Does anyone have a favorite source for bulk sprouting seeds, non GM, and organic that you can tell me about? I have ordered heirloom garden seeds from http://www.survivalistseeds.com/ which is a great source and they also have a dvd for building a water filter. Thanks you for your information.

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Does anyone know how to preserve seeds long term?

I would like to buy them and store them in a way that they will last years if necessary. Is that even possible?

One way


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What a great site

Thanks so much!

The Best Source For Any type of seed

is at this website : http://wholesaleplantstore.com/Store/Organic-Seeds

The people who sell the seeds are true enthusiasts and will help in any way they can.

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They have bulk ordering. They also have individual packs at about $1.50 each; certified organic at about $2.50 each....
Hope this helps...

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I have found that I can bulk order beans and grain from my local health food store - and they do not charge me shipping! Check for any local cooperatives in your area as well.

Here are some links:

Walton Feed

Seeds of Change (Scott Pittman's Permaculture Farm/Project)

Johnny's Select Seeds (Eliot Coleman partnered with them)

One thought, you may want to start a "buyer's club" with others in your area to pool orders which will save on shipping costs.


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I just hope that people buying from survivalist seeds realize you can't just throw a seed into the ground come spring and expect a harvest in summer. Crops vary in planting times, light needs, soil requirements, etc.

Just a note --- if you don't want to deal with amending soil --- make raised beds. www.squarefootgardening.com is a good place to start. This site and books will help get the beginner gardener on the right track.

Excellent Suggestion

Just got the latest Mother Earth News and there was a nice article and photo of a beautiful (and productive) square-foot garden where the person just cut open the sides of soil bags (after laying htem on the ground) and planted in them directly. No raised beds were required.

I will be getting a copy of Square Foot Gardening soon. I think I may be doing it the hard way right now!


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