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what are your thoughts on this...

why couldn't Ron Paul say.. LOOK you want your 700 billion?
then this is what you have to do... bring all troops home from around the world.. stop both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. close all foreign military bases.. stop all foreign aid to ALL countries..
then when bush and the retards in the CONgress agree give them the 700 billion... with all the other cuts I figure the amount we would save would be more then double what they are going to spend!
at least it is a start!

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here's my take

they want a bailout so bad? they have my blessing, IF:

we garnish the wages of bush, cheney, bernanke, paulson, every member of congress & all of the lobbyists pushing for this bailout, to pay for it. & if their wages don't cover it, seize their assets. & leave taxpayers out of it.

but b/4 they do any of that, they have to stop calling it a "rescue plan." the only thing bush is trying to rescue is own ass.