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Digg: Crash Course on the Ecomony

I think this 'Crash Course' on the economy may be very en lighting to the liberal demographic at DIGG. Especially in this time of need.



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This course

is awesome.... very well presented and uses every opportunity to make this easy to understand and RETAIN. I'm almost finished w/it and plan on going thru it again and taking notes.

It's must see

One of the best economic presentations

This is excellent!



"I think, therefore I am pissed-off!"

Dr. Chris Martenson and The Crash Course

video presentation of his End of Money series is one of the best teaching resources I have ever run across and it's a terrific one to e-mail around. The dots are connected in a manner anyone with a brain can follow easily and is an excellent first "red pill". There have been links to various sections of this site on DP before but, if you have not taken the CRASH COURSE, please take the time!


Looks pretty good

food freedom,one seed at a time.