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TeamLaw.org- Who else on DP is reading this material?

I quote the following anecdote from the site regarding the election of the OJ Gov of Colorado.

"I lawfully accepted the election and was seated in the original jurisdiction Governor’s seat. At that same time, Roy Romer was elected as Governor of the more commonly recognized private corporation known as, “The State of Colorado” (Corp. State). The Corp. State courts then started to subpoena me to come and testify as the Governor of the original jurisdiction Republic State. I responded to most those subpoenas and so testified. After finding it next to impossible to beat us in court, the Corp. State’s sub-corporation, Arapaho County, determined that if they could get funding from the United States Congress they could possibly beat us. On review, Congress sent the matter to the National Security Council who handed the matter over to the Military’s Joint Chiefs for review. About two weeks later, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs responded, “What Governor Madsen is doing out their in Colorado is legal, lawful and correct; and, if they accomplish what they have set out to do we will recognize that President of The United States of America as the President of The United States of America, Commander in Chief of the military and give them full military support.”

Though the National Security Council is purely an advisory committee, having no legislative or judicial effect; the fact remains, they recognized the truth and responded with it to Congress who sent the supplicants away without funding; after that, the Corp. State started to leave us alone. The Corp. State and its courts, the United States 10th District Court, the United States Congress, the United States National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs of the United States of America’s military all recognized, reviewed and accepted my election as the original jurisdiction Governor of Colorado.”


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funny how vehement some are in their opinions of this site. I wonder why? What's wrong with reading up on laws? Maybe if more of us knew the law better, we wouldn't be in our present situation. And by the by, it doesn't seem like the site is offering any type of a quick fix. It sounds like it has taken many years to get where they are now. I think the info there is incredibly interesting. People should read for themselves and decide on their own.

*What you don't know CAN hurt you.*


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
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im vehemently opposed to

im vehemently opposed to wasting time on this site because it serves no purpose in furthering liberty and freedom or changing people's minds about the role of government. Basically, it's a site to spend chasing your tail in circles while accomplishing absolutely nothing but making yourself look like a conspiratorial idiot when you try to explain this convoluted idiocy to others.

Then don't spend any time on

Then don't spend any time on it and move along.

TeamLaw is full of SH*T

TeamLaw is full of SH*T people. This is a pointless endeavor. What you NEED to be promoting are sites like www.mises.org

There is no quick fix to the problems we face. We are going to have to educate the populace about the folly of keynesian theory, about the Federal Reserve, about the error of Socialism and the Corporatism it brings, about truly Free Markets and about how they get their rights from the Creator and NOT from the government.

All this idiocy about original jurisdiction is a waste of time and make you look like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

All Mises addresses is the

All Mises addresses is the benefits of sound money through Austrian Economics. It doesn't address what happened to our Constitutional Republic.

Here! Here!

There is no 'magic bullet' that will save the Republic.

While it would be nice for someone to compile some old legal history to show us where we might want to take this, the only solution is - through.

We have to restore sound money and eliminate income taxes and the Fed. The rest will come along as we do that and work out the kinks. The problem is ignorance. You can't fix that by claiming there's another 'layer' to the country. You'll just look silly.

I had seen this not so long

I had seen this not so long ago and it struck me as sour grapes. Nothing presented in that webpage refutes anything that is presented by Team Law. And, it was probably put together by his ex-wife.

I have since learned that Eric Madsen is suing the party that put that page together for slander and libel.

thank you lupester. Team Law

thank you lupester. Team Law is such a waste of time. I can't believe how many folks on the DP are drawn into such drivel so easily. I honestly think that often times there are people on this site sent to lead us down paths of pointlessness just to keep us from learning and growing in the principles of freedom and liberty.

I believe that that some of

I believe that that some of this stuff is probably what is going on but if you can't win in court then does it matter. Every one wants at the DP wants our country back but it is a long road to get there. The young people need to be made aware of whats going on so they can pick up the fight. It may take generations to get back to normal. I fear however that the general population will not understand until we have a total meltdown, which may be happening now. I just keep handing out my "Freedom to Fascism" dvds and hope to awaken enough people.

Who said you can't win in

Who said you can't win in court? Have you tried?


I posted this to Michael's VoterBomb... ALL THIS could be combined into ONE site... can't you guys talk to each other...? why do you ALL run in different directions and expand the valuable energy...? unite, and win!

keep VoterBomb always at the TOP at DailyPaul...
in front of everybody's eyes...

People... we should remember this!!!

CHECK THIS THREAD... and look for ColdFusion's design...

PowerVote... we can clearly see what is what...
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Michael... Work with ColdFusion... and... teamlaw.org
thereafter, we can all came aboard and contribute...

I love Teamlaw.org. There is

I love Teamlaw.org. There is a ton of great info.
Look into land patents and get ready to be pissed.

Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

I'm reading it

I'm very interested, but I'm still undecided. I would like more proof, at the same time the overall concept seems quite logical.
Live for Liberty

Live for Liberty

Gah, this all just seems so

Gah, this all just seems so convoluted and silly. Like a dog chasing its own tail.

That website, while having

That website, while having some pertinent info, has a LOT of misinformation. Please be careful. Watch this video for some AMAZING truth!!



ImUnPlugged- Have you read the Red Amendment?

I personally have a copy and am reading it as I type.

From what I have found, TeamLaw and PacinLaw agree on just about everything from the implementation of the de facto government to the need to restore the de jure sui juris men of the republics.

The only difference is how they say that the de facto governments came to power. They even agree that the takeover was completed through legislation. The Red Amendment makes a compelling argument that the so-called 14th amendment was the tool used to subject the people of this nation to the foreign communist power, the corporate United States of the 10-square mile area of Washington DC.

When you get right down to it, these two sites fundamentally agree and further substantiate each others' findings.

What mis-information might

What mis-information might that be? How do you know that it is mis-information? Is it because you watched a video? Or, did you go to the actual records in LOC or the National or State Archives for the proof?


the info on this site, let's get something done now.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

tog246-I have spoken with the President of the Republic of Texas

I am working on securing my land patent and then wish to be appointed to the original jurisdiction Texas Senate.

Our mission is to:
educate the people of the several republics
re populate the several republics via status corrections
re-seat the OJ governments of the several republics
these OJ governments will then elect members to the OJ united States Congress
the OJ governments will again be the supreme law of the land and control the military.

While the general

concept is very interesting, the site is a disjointed mess. It needs to be proofread and organized. There is no methodical explanation of just what the hell they are talking about. In order to get any sense of what they are doing, you have to read several anecdotal accounts on various pages. It is almost as if someone pieced together telegraph style messages strung together into some sort of 'narrative.'

I'd take on the task myself, except I can't make heads or tails of it in some areas. They really need to develop something like a working premise or thesis and take the reader through a logical progression from the founding of the country or before, till now, and/or compare/contrast their system with the one we are currently using along with what that all means in practical terms to the every day life of the common man.

I read a fair amount of law, statute and case, and I am having trouble following this site to figure out EXACTLY what it is they are and what they do.

Basically, unless they can fix the site and the information, I'm chalking this up to someone's deluded and very time consuming fantasy.

samadamscw- great idea

im sure that myself and a others on this site would be willing to help you accomplish this task. There are a few of us here at the DP that have been studying the material for a while now. We are not experts, yet, but we are working on it.

Another source that you may find interesting is www.pacinlaw.org . They have a better site, and generally agree with everything that TeamLaw says. TeamLaw is the only group that is actively re-seating the governments of the original jurisdiction republics.

Read "the Red Amendment" by L. B. Bork and published by PAC (the People's Awareness Coalition) in Law. If you have trouble finding it, PM me and i'll give you the link to a place where it can be ordered.

Been reading some...

So much there. So awesome. I'm so super glad people do their research. I may just have to run for an OJ posi in Illinois :o)

A bump for

some great info. Please run for your OJ spot in government.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

VERY interesting site

A bunch more very good reading in a similar vein can be found at http://www.originalintent.org.

G'nite all!

http://www.pyrabang.com - the Patriot newsfeed machine that will take a huge bite out of Google's ad profits and put them in your pocket!

I have perused that site

I have perused that site before, as well as others, such as pacinlaw, but only Team Law offers a real solution to the matter.

Alot of people would learn a

Alot of people would learn a tremendous amount about how this country was founded and what it went through if they would read Prelude to Glory by Carty.

I believe you mean Ron Carter's "Prelude to Glory" series

Prelude to Glory series, by Ron Carter.

It's a series of 9 historical novels, about 400-600 pages each. I'm on the 6th one right now; they're good, and they read fast. You really do get quite a look at the circumstances and issues that shaped the formative years of our nation.

The titles of the individual novels are:
1: Our Sacred Honor
2: The Times that Try Men's Souls
3: To Decide our Destiny
4: The Hand of Providence
5: A Cold, Bleak Hill
6: The World Turned Upside Down
7: The Impending Storm
8: A More Perfect Union
9: By the Dawn's Early Light

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That is what I meant. Been

That is what I meant. Been a while. Thanks for the correction.

Team Law is very informative and very insightful...

I left a message with Team Law several weeks ago and got a call back on the same day I placed the call. We talked for over one hour and the guy on the phone really got into the nuts and bolts of how our Country was founded, discussion about authority vs. power, allodial titles and land patents and the United States as the corporation. He also discussed the "Way of Kings" now this is what was extremely fascinating.