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WaMu Bank Run, END THE FED!

Another Bank Run video from the REP Freedom Force, hope you enjoy:


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"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money,
first by inflation and then by deflation,
the banks
and corporations that
will grow up around them,
will deprive the people of their property
until their children will wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered."

- Thomas Jefferson

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

End the FED!!!!

Woohoo...great video!!!!

Federal Reserve to the American People:

"Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam."

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

END THE FED! Propagate the truth!

wow, i have to agree, just brought a tear to my eye, couldn't stop giggling, how amazing it was to be at the Rally for the Republic, cheering with 12,000 people united in the cause of just principals and ideals.

REP Freedom Force

Video at WaMu toay

All is calm, proud to announce we wre bailed out, another WaMu video, this guy went to a bank, talked off camera to a few people and reported what he found:

REP Freedom Force

Kicked In The Nuts!

LOL! Funny video. It's surreal to see that old WaMu commercial of the guy getting beat up and not caring because he was able to easily secure a mortgage. Holy crap, that's one of the major reasons our economy is in this mess! And this proposed 700 billion dollar bailout will be a bowling ball to the nuts for sure!

And dumped on!

It was so surreal to come across that commercial, we just had to use it, great illustration of why we're in this mess, but of course what the Bush McCain package offers is more regulation and more tax dollars to protect the banks from giving out bad loans.

REP Freedom Force

Peter Schiff - Get Out of The Dollar Now While You Can

Wow, this is a great video Peter Schiff - Get Out of The Dollar Now While You Can!

REP Freedom Force





Here's the DailyPaul post about the End the Fed! Nat'l Day of Protest & Education Nov 22nd ~ 38 Cities. One Purpose:

Check it out, spread the truth!

REP Freedom Force