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Bottom Up Bailout Is Cheaper!

Im not the brightest crayon in the box and so I want to know if this would work...(In theory).

If the financial institutions are going bankrupt because they sold too many securities and deritives on this housing mess, then wouldn't just be easier and cheaper to give every american citizen $200,000. Charge him tax and have them sign an oath the spend the $$ on his personal debt? Whatever is left over, the person keeps. As long as interest is adjusted appropriately on future loans and verifyable employment credentials are dilligently utilized, then there should not be a big problem with predatory lending in the near future.

I know it is still stealing and redistribution of wealth. but it isn't a $trillion. It doesn't create a financial dictator. Chinas securities are protected. And Hank and Ben aren't given open target season to write future trillion dollar checks.

Any thoughts?

and then we end the fed reserve...

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just thinking outloud

The NWO want's a global collapse of economy? then the UN step's in to save the day and we get the Amero.



Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

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Will this help?

"The Answers are there in the free market, sound money, and our Constitution."

I vote for a Jubilee.

All debts null and void and you keep the assets currently in your possession. The next day the economy would be rolling again as people bought and sold those assets.

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Great idea

What could it hurt?
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restructure debt

How about a generous restructuring of the debt for home (owners?), with a limit of one home per person/family?

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Wall Street Crash

no because the inflation

no because the inflation caused by that would cause commodities to rise in price and once the money is spent we wouldn't be able to eat. I say no to any sort of bail out. These greedy jerks need to write off 20% on everyones home loans and fix everyone at 5% interest to get any sort of bail out. The problem is people can not afford their homes and they are being kicked out because the banks are greedy. They just need to take the hit and the FED needs to take the hit also because once again its not real money its a promisary note.


To give every American $200k would cost about $60 Trillion.

~300 Million Americans X $200,000 = ~ $60 Trillion.

Also, most people don't have that much debt.

Now if you want to drop a couple of zeros, you could give everyone $2,000 for a mere $600 Billion. That would be cheaper, but still highly inflationary. Besides, most people would just use it to buy crap from China.



Sorry. I meant to imply adults.

I know it is stealing. I am just thinking about how not to get China and Asia too pissed, stick it to wall street, and not have my English Bulldog Benny repossessed-- thats all..

Theft is theft is theft.

Theft is theft is theft.

This is no answer.

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