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USNWR: Ron Paul: Don't ask for Bailout!

I asked Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who was one of the first people to speak out against the bailout because it conflicts with his small-government beliefs, what the plan would mean for consumers who are struggling with foreclosures, credit card debt, and other financial stresses. (Some versions of the proposal include provisions to aid such borrowers.) He told me:

"If they've spent more money than they've had and can't pay their bills, they have to either quit spending and work hard to pay off the debt, or, if [necessary], file for bankruptcy. But they shouldn't ask other people, who may be poor themselves and just barely making it [for help.] If you ask taxpayers to do it, someone else gets stuck with the bill. Someone else always has to pay the price. This idea that there are no victims, that's a fallacy."

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