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Has anyone on this board been turned down for a loan in the last year?

Or even know anyone who has been turned down? Just curious, because the argument is no one and get a loan.

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A friend of mine wasn't

A friend of mine wasn't approved for a student loan in early August. He said he was told that he was too overextended to qualify. In addition, it was for a community college - so the loan amount probably wasn't even a great deal of money.

So, my buddy went back to work since he couldn't get the money to go back to school. That same week he and his wife started house hunting. Three weeks later they bought their first house, 30 year fixed at 6%.



I refinanced some months ago..I have good rating.

Credit is available - if you

Credit is available - if you have a high FICO score, job for over 2 years - down payment etc - it is tighter than the last 8 years for sure -

seems to me that lending is now how it was "back in the day" - my first house had to be 20% down, the bank held the note, did not sell it off, the rate then was like 11% - multi family / land / commercial had to the 30% down

the loose money is why we are in this shape today - why the economy / housing etc grew so large / fast - the chickens are home to roost


credit cards

only turned down for credit cards. Lived like a king the last 5 years but it is hitting hard now

No Can DO!!!

I was told Sorry sir you need to put more money down. I was trying to take advantage of a lower rate with $10k down and they wanted more with 750 credit score. The girl said she has never seen anything like this of getting turned down with a mortgage and one credit card.



applied for private school loan and they said I need a cosigner.

Include me...

Laid off almost a year ago...credit went from Hero to Zero. Bankruptcy soon.

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lol i tird to refi my house

lol i tird to refi my house to get lower payments when the rate was down! I have excellent credit and not behind on any payments no credit card debt and they would talk to me unless I was behind on payments lmao!

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Husband was

My husband tried to get a loan with a lower interest rate to pay off a loan we have now (at 24.99% interest..CitiFinancial) and an extra 550.00 to pay property taxes and was turned down. His credit it at the low end of average...Mine is Zero

Why do I get the feeling we're going to have to seek out those in our area who are facing the same problems and live together, so we can pay the bills?

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I have no credit history and I got a credit card this past month after trying to get one for about a year now. My husband got a credit card even though he only has student loan debt and hasn't even made a payment yet.
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

Very strange thing

I have been co-signing for my son's school loans every three months. The last time (just before he finished school, thank goodness) I went to do it they turned me down. They said I had too many inquiries into my credit the last few months. Well, guess what? Those bozos were the one's doing the inquiring. So what does that tell you? I don't know.


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I haven't worked in 6 months. I haven't paid a bill in five. So I couldn't get a loan "IF" I wanted one. Just doing my part to destroy the banksters. Ha!

oh yeah.....

I tried consolidating my debt so I can move back to central california so I can use my GI bill to go to school and I went through Capital one for "Debt Consolidation Loan" which was for $30,000 and they told me I can't get approved for the loan because I had to much revolving credit. Stupid!!!
I get compensated from the VA because of my disabilities which I as going to use to pay for it and they gave me this crap!!!
That is why I want to "consolidate"!
Denied, Denied, Denie!
Of course I knew why.
I was able to refinance my auto loan though, but I knew they would because they can always get the car if I can't make payments!!

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oh yeah

I've been turned down. Not that I didn't ultimately get it, but self-employed people have it bad. If we "make money" they tax us through the nose, if we run a solid business, pay all our bills and file normal tax returns for a small business, they think I don't make anything. It sucks.

getting turned down on a loan would

be upward movement for me I lost my job 8 months ago.

That's tough bro, but it could happen to any of us at anytime.

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