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To the House Republicans -- Just say, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Why is it so important that the sellout of America be "bipartisan"?

Why do Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid care about the House Republicans.
They have the votes.

Most of the time politicians will take a a win for their bill any way than can get it; by one vote or a hundred.

But they NEED the GOP to compromise on this bill.
They NEED the "bipartisan" support for something this big, and this BAD.

If the GOP congressmen vote "Yes" on this abortion; it won't just be bad for America, it will be stupid politically.

But it will be even worse if they "win" a compromise. Believe me, if they change this bill, THEY will end up being the scape goat when the economy tanks anyway.

I can hear the MSM spin now, telling the American people that the bailout would have worked if only those stupid Republicans hadn't messed with the "rescue" bill. They are already starting the spin. See the New York Times article, "Will House Republicans Get What They Want? ".



It not only is the only right thing to do, It is the smart thing to do.

Let them have their bill. Let them pass it exactly like they want it (they will anyway). But make them do it over your quivering and prostrate body.

Now let them take the blame for what is coming.

After all, They DO deserve the blame.

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Senator Feinstein D-Ca is on

Senator Feinstein D-Ca is on cspan right now and she said something to the effect of : Ca is one of the most populous states in the nation. My phone and inbox have been inundated with communication against the bailout in any form ...but let me voice my take on the situation...then she gives a laundry list of all the fearmongering scary things that will happen if they do nothing and let the market correct itself.

So, I say if she won't do what her constituency wants, get rid of her. Please let her know her folly.

She also stated

she thinks the letters against are based on the 'original' Paulson proposal, and not bills that may contain agreed compromises. Call, email, write, whatever again and state emphatically that you oppose ANY and ALL forms of bailout.

*What you don't know CAN hurt you.*


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They want someone to hold their hands while they jump from the top of the burning building.

They know how potentially catastrophic this thing is and they don't want to just pass it so later House Republicans can say they didn't vote for that peice of crap.


Of course it would be stupid for the House GOP to support this.
Even if it turned out to "work" (which it won't), people aren't going to blame the Republicans for not voting for the bill.

But if the economy continues to stink (which it all) they are going to, at best, share the blame with the Democrats and, at worst, get ALL the blame for causing a "compromise".
The worst of BOTH worlds.

Mark my words.

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