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The Power of the Internet

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about things, but I happened to be pondering exponential math regarding the Internet and specifically emails. After I did the numbers I realized why "the powers that be" are so intent on controlling the Internet with their new "Internet 2". When you look at the numbers you quickly realize that by simple networking through email you can spread a message farther and more quickly than just about any other form of media. Someone just asked me how someone like Chuck Baldwin could win the presidential election, well here is one way.

My regular mailing list goes out to about 86 people. I figure that's probably a pretty modest list since I'm not that popular and don't know that many people. Just for the sake of example lets assume everyone has at least 86 people on their email list. Watch this.

I send an email to 86 people and those 86 people send it to 86 people, and so on, and so forth.

86 X 86 = 7,396 X 86 = 636,056 X 86 = 54,700,816 X 86 = 4,704,270,176 people. Now mind you the population of the World is around 6 Billion, so by the time that email gets forwarded 5 times that's almost the entire population of the Earth. Mind boggling isn't it? The current population of the United States is just over 303 Million and only 62 Million voted in the last presidential election so by the time that email got forwarded only 4 times it could reach just about every voter in the US. Paul Revere eat your heart out!

Want to be more conservative? Lets say the people are reclusive and hardly know anyone. The poor souls only have 10 people on their email list. By the time that email is forwarded 9 times it will have reached one hundred million people. Almost twice the number of voters in the last election. By the 11th forwarding it would exceed the population of the World.

You want to see someone get elected that people have never heard of? Want to get that bad Bill in Congress shut down? Want to spread some important information? Then get busy setting up your email network, especially to people who respect your opinion. Encourage everyone down the line to do the same. The only problem I see is duplicity of receiving duplicate copies but that could easily be fixed with a little communication between emailers, and is not that big a problem anyway. The potential of a well organized email network should not be underestimated. We are the new media.

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