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It's Time to Retaliate

After the past week, it should be obvious who owns, runs and controls the US government. It's not the Congress or even
the Executive Branch - It's the Big Banks! Who initiated this $700B taxpayer bailout? Henry Paulson and his buddies at
the Big Banks. So what can we do to retaliate? As of today, I will no longer be using my GM Mastercard since I discovered
that it is ultimately owned by Citigroup. Sure I won't be getting my GM discount points any more, but Citigroup won't benefit
from the fees paid by merchants. Here are some things we can all do:

1. Stop using your credit cards. No more fees to the Big Banks.
2. Reduce your credit card usage. Use cash whenever possible.
3. Close all your accounts at the Big Banks. Move your money to Community Banks or Credit Unions.
4. Pay off your loans and mortgages. This will reduce the total amount of interest paid to the Banks.
5. Keep your deposits as low as possible. They can't loan your money out to others.
6. Keep lots of cash at home, not in the Bank.
7. Buy food, gold, silver, guns and ammo, and other survival necessities.
8. Help me figure out specifically which big financial firms to target and boycott them.
9. Spread the word. We can crush them before they can get their bailout passed by their puppets in Congress.

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all well and good

now please send me some more work.

i run my own consulting business and people are freaking out and business has dropped.

i'm examining all sorts of income sources right now. but i need that to adhere to my promise to myself to do what you suggest....

getting there, but CASH IS KING right now.

actually I cash my check on pay day and only deal in cash

Why would you even need to use a credit card? If you say to rent a car or rent a hotel room for vacations thats pretty silly. Learn to stay home people and its good exercise to walk in to pay for your gas are we getting to be that lazy. Yeah its a little more gas to go cash your check at the bank on pay day. stop using direct deposit. What now we are not aloud to do what we want with what little bit of money we get to keep after they take their cut and then hand us our checks.

Ok slave here is my $100 that I will keep and here is your $100 that I will put in my buddies bank (his budy takes his cut) and uses your money to make money with then you finally get you cut in your hands and you go to the store and you buy something and of course the product you bought has to be a little more expensive because the corprate taxes that the evil government puts on the back of the rich people (who they claim payes 90% of the taxes collected) has to be added to the product your buying so you have to pay $20 dollors for a 10$ item. (well isn't that strange because they collect more for the item (which comes out of your pocket) and then is transfered to their hands. They get credit for producing every thing for us and making or economy grow. Even though we are the people that make the stuff then they get credit for paying the majority of taxes even though it is passed on to us through a inflated price. But that is true they are the people who hand it to the IRS so I guess they do pay it in the end so I can undertand why you would want to give credit for the costumer transaction of wealth when they buy the item hmmmmmmmmm.
oh I almost forgot then they add sales tax to the item. Then you get what is left over in change. Well you also have a phone bill or utility bill so you go in to pay that same thing you look down and realize that your actual usage of power was $190 but after they add on all those little add on fees and taxes that no one really notices well dang now its $200. Man it just doesn't seem like my money goes as far as it use to. It almost seems like I'm havng to work harder to pay the same bills I payed 15 years ago. Maybe I should get a second job so I can keep up with the joneses. There must be something wrong with me. They must have a better job than me. (no they have more credit card debt than you is all.) These rich people don't ven pay corprate taxes we do and they incorprate their companies so their rate of taxes is set firm in stone only your taxes are put a sliding scale so the more you make the more you pay and the more you pay the harder it is to grow any larger in your job our small business. And owning a small busness is alot diffrent than it use to be you use to get tax breaks there are very few now You'll be lucky if you can make more than you top paid employee. Why because your insurance just doubled because in my state it is law that you have workmans comp and liablity insurance your vehicle insurance goes up. Its like all your bills tripe in one day just because you are today a small business. Now I must be the middle man in the thieving ring (called taking your taxes out [better known as stealing])
which of course I do not get any money from the IRS for paying my bookkeeper to do this or for my time if I do it myself (more cheating me out of my time (time is money). Then after I rob you blind I then must rob myself and match you SS even though I will never use it for myself. Its just a free gift to people because because My government forces me to by law because its good for me to help out other people whether It really is or not. Its the law that I give away my profit its the global thing to do. Any ways there are many more ways they get taxes from us there are just to many to keep going I am getting depressed thinking about it. Oh yeah I also must bail out billion dollor companies also. Oh well It isn't good for me to get sat and sun off anyways. You know what they say idle hands are the devils playground. Well I guess we should be happy the big guys give us credit for paying at least 10% of the bills of this nation. It makes me feel good when they give me credit for my contibution to the global cause (speaking of global causes I also now pay 7% of the GDP to the carbon tax that oblabla sponsered so I can feed the poor people al over the world well that would exclude me though I must starve to death but I shouldn't complain I get to die in the land of the free on pavment while I look at the big sky scrapers I help build? hey I thought that was for taxes? ......................................................................................................


I've already started doing some of those things this year.

I agree! We started similar

I agree! We started similar threads at the same time http://www.dailypaul.com/node/64481#comment-678383

This must go viral

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Duricel batteries either! they are pramoting RFID locating chips! child locaters

Go here..watch this

You'll figure out who needs targeting