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Process for voting for chuck

I have a couple of questions.

I am currently in the Republican Part just because of Ron Paul.

1) How to I remove myself from the GOP.
2) Do I have to join the Constitution Party to vote for chuck? Can I be an independent?
3) Does it differ depending on the state you live in? If so how do you know or find out what to do?

I live in Arizona home of McDonalds (lol).


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During the primary election, if you are Republican, you have to vote for one of the Republicans because there are a bunch to choose from. They are trying to whittle it down to one.

But that part is over. This next part is the general election. Now there is only one Democrat, one Republican, one Constitutional, etc. So you can vote for whoever you want from the remaining candidates.

In Arizona, (like me in Texas), Baldwin is a write in candidate. I really doubt write-in votes for Baldwin will be counted and reported carefully and respectfully. Because of this, I'm considering staying with Barr. I think it has a better chance of being counted. If Baldwin was on my ballot, I would vote for Baldwin because of Ron's endorsement. I still might but I haven't decided because of the write-in issue.

Chuck Baldwin legit write in for Independent a AZ!

I don't think you have to do anything...anybody?

Baldwin Ballot Access ★★

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

I looked at a 2004 sample ballot for Maricopa County

There is a spot for a write-in vote in the list of candidates for each office. You write in the name you want to vote for and mark the line for that person, just as if voting for a preprinted name. I assume that the 2008 ballot will work the same way. Hopefully it will be properly counted since Chuck Baldwin is a registered write-in candidate, but who knows?

Just make sure you spell his name right and that of his VP

Chuck Baldwin, President
Darrell Castle, Vice President

Many states don't count the write in vote unless you have both a Prez and VP listed on your ballot.

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If 2008 is the same as 2004

The AZ ballot does not require the VP name.


Here in GA, I am staying a Republican, but I have to write in Chuck Baldwin because he is not on the ballot.


In Arizona, he is not on the ballot as well so all you can do is write him in. Also, you do not have to join any party to vote for them in the November Election. This only matters in primaries.

You can vote for Chuck if he's on the ballot in your state

regardless of your party affiliation.

If you want to change your voter registration status, go to the County Courthouse, and go into the voter registration office, and tell the clerk what you want to do.

You don't have to be a member of the CP to vote for Chuck.

You have to check ballot access in your state to see if Chuck is on the ballot in AZ. You can probably find that out with a google search, or maybe somebody here can tell you.