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Is this something we should be involved with?


"Change?.. What’s it cost?.. Who pays?..

We’re hearing a lot about change — and we’re sure to hear much more.

Problem is, we heard a lot about change before, and look what’s happened: higher gas prices and food prices, record home foreclosures, massive bank failures and a do-nothing Congress.

In fact, we often hear politicians making grand promises with other people’s money. That is, with our money.

Because the issues are so serious, and the stakes so high, to cut through the clutter and spin, RightChange.com is starting a national conversation, in plain language, around key questions:

* Is raising taxes on small businesses, seniors and investors at a time when our economy is weak the right type of change?
* What if all the programs being proposed by our national leaders can’t be funded? Who’s left holding the bag?
* Do higher taxes make America’s innovative industries and workers more or less competitive in a global economy?"

The site seems to ask some of the right questions but doesn't really give any answers. Does anyone know much about this organization? Is it something worth getting involved in? Perhaps we can infiltrate this group and use it to help steer people in the right direction.

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Looks like it's just an anti-Obama site

Probably paid for by some McCain supporter.