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Please read my story!

My Dr. Paul thing started about a year ago, but what happened 2 months ago will startle you!!

I have served in the fire service for 22 years and have never encountered what happened about 2 months ago. My boss came to me and asked me if I wanted to go to Minneapolis to vote for residential fire spinklers. I said would I have to fly? He said Yes! I said no.

Then he came to me again about 2 weeks later and said we are going to make an historic break through are you sure you won't come. Again I said NO!

I said, okay , so I get this! Our trip is being paid for by the fire sprinkler companies - they are going to pay for our flight, put us up in a a hotel and pay for our food and travel while we are there? Of course he said! I said NO! Why isn't our department paying for it?

First of all though I believe fire sprinklers save lives, especially in single family homes - I still believe it is an option. It (is your decision) meaning the homeowner.

Well needless to say the fire sprinkler compay's with their open checkbooks were able to pass this vote crazy over the majority and the ICC passed it.

It will be up to each local state to exempt itself from the requirement. But the ICC/ The International Code Council said YES to install a residential fire sprinkler in every home built past this date.

I continue to face scrutinity for my opinion, but remain unattached to any travel favor.

You can call this a majority vote, but where there any real homeowners there at the meeting - okay NO!

This is how government works and how they work against anyone who stands in their way!

so sad!

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Wow, thanks for the heads-up!

I read this:
http://www.ircfires prinkler.org/ (broken link, C&P and remove space)


"The vote, held last week in Minneapolis, was supported by 73 percent of the voting members in attendance." (The majority being those "guests" of which you spoke, obviously!)

Check out the states which have adopted it at this website:
http://www.icc safe.org/government/adoption.html (C&P, remove space)

Now I'm off to check some of my state's (NH) activist websites to see if they are onto this already, and if not- I'm going to get it rolling.

Thanks again for the info, and thanks for standing on your principles against it.