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Thank You Daily Paul

Thank you all at the Daily Paul for giving me some really great information about Ron Paul. 2008 has been a very informative year for me. I visit this site every day to learn all I can about one of the greatest human beings I have ever known, Ron Paul. I supported him in my Indiana primary and I will support him for as long as he is active in politics.

I find it quite interesting how Fox News and CNN payed little to no attention to Dr. Paul duing the primary and now since the AIG bailout, they seem like they can't get enough of his knowledge.

I have learned from him and all of you at the Daily Paul. I am a 60 year old man who thought he knew about the two party system but learned otherwise. Dr. Paul and a lot of you have helped me realize how important it is for a third party in this Country. I know that anyone who truly supports the Constitution and runs for office will have to run as a third party canidate. I will do all I can to tell people to come here and read and learn.

Thank you Ron Paul supporters and supporters of the US Constitution....

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Once awake, there is no going back

I don't like vaccines. Alas i fell for the liberty from Dr. PAUL.

Listen to Tom DeWeese
"Here's What You Need to Know to Fight Back!"


I called my

brother today. I have been trying to wake him up all year and today he got it.
He was TOTALLY awake. I was so happy that he understands finally. Welcome, there is no place like the Daily Paul.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

That is GREAT!

You must feel really good. Better late than never, right? What specifically woke him up, did you ask?

http://www.pyrabang.com - the Patriot newsfeed machine that will take a huge bite out of Google's ad profits and put them in your pocket!

With family, it takes time.

I am glad to hear that your brother understands.

"The Constitution was written not to regulate you in any way, the purpose of the Constitution is to restrain the government." - Ron Paul.


I know what you mean, I'v learned so much my mine is on over load! and I'm a grandmother of 9, It just goes to show you, its never to late to teach an old dog some new tricks. campaignforliberty

Great to hear that

The ranks of liberty are growing every day at the expense of other agendas.

Now that you have joined the liberty train, it is time to share your knowledge with others in your neighborhood.

Listen to Tom DeWeese
"Here's What You Need to Know to Fight Back!"


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Thank you

Chevy man!

- - -
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He's the man.