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UPDATE: Adopt a county in Iowa

Lets face it, while we can do our best and campaign til the cows come home in our local districts it doesn't much matter if Ron Paul flops the early primaries. New Hampshire is always talked about and it is very important, but Paul is also doing much better there than the equally important Iowa. I've read a lot about Iowans working hard for Dr. Paul, but they could use our help! Lets face it, we still don't have the kind of money it takes to buy name recognition and people still aren't aware of Ron Paul's policies. There just aren't enough people in Iowa to spread the word to make up for this disadvantage.

Here is what I propose: meetup groups across the country all adopt a county in Iowa and dedicate a week of their time to helping out the campaign there. Make phone calls! Write letters to the Libertarians there and let them know that Ron Paul is their own personal wet dream! If we can touch just a couple of people in every county it would help the campaign grow 10 times as fast in Iowa! What we need is a network of statewide active campaigners! If we can all work together to get a meetup group set up in every county in Iowa it would lay the seeds for Ron Paul to WIN every district in Iowa!


If you want to help with this effort you can help in the following ways:

1. Email me at iowapush@gmail.com to volunteer to spread the word to your meetup and those which neighbor you.

2. I need a website for this! I can create a simple one which will just match meetups to areas in Iowa and provide resources, but I have no host! This is the first step!

3. Email me any ideas and experience on how to implement this. I have good templates for letters and phone guidelines, but more are always appreciated!

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I've got a website in the works and plenty of volunteers already! I expect the site to be up early next week. In the meanwhile if anyone else wants to vollunteer read above for contact info.

How many?

How many volunteers do you have so far?

6 plus my meetup group's great support!

:-) Which is pretty good considering that the project hasn't even really gotten off the ground yet!

wolfe's picture

I'll give you hosting if you still need it...

Send me a private message and I will get your account setup.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Very interesting!

Doesn't it make sense for us to help the folks in Iowa to support Ron Paul? The better Ron Paul does in Iowa, the more momentum he'll have when our state's primary occurs.

I'd like to help spread this message to the meetup groups I'm in, and hopefully others will do the same.

bump for update

sorry for self bump, but instead of creating a new thread for how to help I decided to update this one and bump it back up.

Call Center & Addresses?

Is there a Call Center and Addresses?

I am in. Can you get me phone numbers?

Who has an emailable registered Voter list?

I need names and addresses?


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Call Center Up Date....

I just got a call from Megan up in Iowa... they are not reading the dailypaul... rrrr

Anyway good news, she is going to email me a list of registered voters and send phone numbers to me....

Contact her... go through the www.ronpaul200.com/iowa link...scroll to the bottom... If I learn more info, i will post back here for you guys to join in.

We need all RP materials to go registered voters... we need the new slim jims, the Open Letter from the Founders, and many many DVDs.

I am here in Tempe, AZ

Wish to help, post up your email.

Now we need names, numbers and addresses for Nevada, Wyoming, Michigan, SC, Ohio, Florida... pass the word out,.... the grassroots is here.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

just correcting the link

to the Iowa RP site, to make it easier...


Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/


Nice job on your follow-up. I don't always agree with your posts, but it is rather apparent you are doing more than your share to help Ron to the White House. Have you contacted any of the meetups in Iowa and asked them what they are doing? Is Megan part of a meetup or the official campaign? Curious.

The phone calling, mailing, etc. is definitely one of the best ways to get the message out. Do you have a very brief scipt for people to use if they call? Maybe you posted already, don't know. Political campaigns are excluded from the "no-call list" I suspect. Is that correct? Anyone else know if not Treg?

Lastly, how is Ron being perceived in Arizona currently? Is his name recognition getting better and what do you think his chances are there?

Thanks and keep up the good work. I've got my hands full doing what I can in Florida, but may call a few....will email you.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Thanks bob

Bob.... go here iowapush@gmail.com and the other link I provided. Get Names and Addresses for your Meet up members. Have a house Party for Ron Paul, and have everyone address envelopes. Everyone chip in on stamps and envelopes. Get those new slim jims from www.ronpaul2008.com

The name of the game is registared voters. Remember, each time they MSN says "likely republican voters" they mean they are sampling the last or last two election republican voters....that is less than 35% of registered Republicans. Many stayed home in 2000, upset that Buchannan or Forbes did not make it.... many more republicans stayed home in 2004. Thus 65% of the republican field is out there, ready for our message. Yet daily MSN tells republican voters WHAT THEY THINK... which is NOT so.

Hey bob, my youtube video contest turned out very well.... type in "treg contest" on you tube and look for the contest winners video..... some very good videos where posted there....a total of 103 came in .....

Good luck in Naples....I have property in Tampa and st pete....maybe we will meet one day.... also Friday and Sat I will be at the Philly event.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

I contacted the campaign to get this information earlier today

Hopefully they'll get back to me with the lists.

What I really need right now is help setting up the website. I need a host, and while I'm decent enough with HTML, I'm not great with graphics. On the other hand, graphics aren't necessarily needed.

Veterans, Iowa

Take a sneak peak at our T.V. commercial!
This commercial will be aired in IOWA November 17-November 30 in a two-week ad "blitz."

It will be aired on CBS and FOX networks in the Des Moines area, which broadcasts to upwards of 1/2 of the state.

I hate to ask for money, but PLEASE, if you can afford it, consider donating to having this ad aired. The more airtime we can purchase, the better! There is NO LIMIT on how many times this ad gets aired, it depends on the donations we receive. You can donate for this on http://www.opnh.org

The finalized ad should be ready in a few days. I will post it on the website when it's finished. With the 5% polling requirement in Iowa to get on the next Fox News debate, getting this commercial on their air is important.

Thanks for reading (if you got this far).

PFC Brandon Lloyd ARNG VA
skiwv@yahoo.com (my personal address)

I'm in the process of

I'm in the process of sending letters to registered voters in Iowa right now. I printed and stuffed a bunch of envelopes today. I got the addresses from the local meetup guy, Mike Benoit. If you're interested in doing that, here's his email: mblibertarian7@earthlink.net



Thanks for his address. I wrote a message offering to help, too.


I'll be in contact with him. He might appreciate it if you took his email off the open web, though.

helping Iowa

This thread connects with this one:


Valuable idea

I think your idea is extremely valuable. Can you see people from late primary states converging on Iowa to help rally support? It just makes sense. A road trip, an adventure, a chance to do a heck of lot more than just vote, a chance to strongly influence the national election.

I'm going to pass your idea around to my meetup groups, and hopefully that will get some interest developing.

And I hope other people pass the idea around, too. Some leadership would help organize your "adopt a county" plan.


I've emailed the campaign about this idea to make sure I don't step on their toes and to see what type of help they'd be willing to give. I think that the best thing to do is have everyone message neighboring meetup groups until the idea has spread. The message should include a list of currently homeless Iowa counties, a link to a website which can be simple enough, but should list each of the meetup groups and the area they've adopted as well as contact info for an email account I set up to allow feedback and county adoption info. How does that sound? Am I missing anything?

Give me the message

If you'll give me the message that you want delivered, I will send it to 3 meetup groups and encourage that members send it along to other groups as well. Many meetup groups have outside members, so the message may spread well.

Give me a couple of days.

I need to set up a simple web site and get the logistics arranged first. I have an email address already set up for this: iowapush@gmail.com

I still need a domain, and lots of lists from the campaign. Once I've got it all arranged I'll post here again providing specifics on what and how we can spread this! Thanks for your help so far. Lets make it happen!

Does no one here care about actual campaiging?

Raising money is nice, but there is no substitute for having people out there talking to their neighbors and spreading the word!