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New Ron Paul Biography - Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas

Announcing a groundbreaking new book titled Ron Paul: a Life of Ideas. This biography is the result of a year of intense work, written mainly by libertarians from LewRockwell.com, the Mises institute, NYT Bestseller Christopher Horner and others. The authors worked exceptionally hard to assemble the real story of Ron Paul by doing extensive research and conducting first hand interviews with Ron, wife Carol, family members, old school friends, colleagues, and a few political adversaries.

Every drama-filled chapter has a few revelations that will surprise even die-hard supporters. Given the current threat of financial meltdown, it is interesting to look back at how Dr. Paul has predicted every phase since 1971. The book very clearly shows that on the important issues, he has been able to warn his colleagues with uncanny precision about potential threats to the American people.

Priced low ($10.17 on Amazon) for maximum impact and to help spread Ron Paul's message, the book is available at bookstores across the nation.

Check it out and help spread the word!

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Recently purchased the book

Recently purchased the book on Amazon but I haven't read the book yet but will definitely read every word and pass it on.

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Mine arrived in the mail on

Mine arrived in the mail on Thursday... all I can say is WoW!
I have barely started it, but it's a great read...very enlightening....

Through reading thefirst few pages of the book I found that Ron Paul's homestead was just "around the corner" from where my mother was brought up...(Thornburg, PA) no wonder he reminds me of my Grandfather so much :D

Let's make this a best seller all... go viral!!!

After seeing this post I went out and bought a copy

Also, my husband took a copy and placed it in the "You Choose" section, right next to John McCain and Barack Obama.
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

Bbagnall: why did you capitalize 'Libertarians'?

Are you referring to people from the Libertarian Party who also post on LewRockwell.com ?

Not the Libertarian Party

Oops, I meant small-L libertarians.

Register as Republican and Vote for Ron Paul

Hehe, K,

that' s what I thought.

ps. check your email. I sent you a message.


I contributed a chapter to this book. I haven't received my copy yet. I know this sounds vain, but do the minor authors receive credits?

Sheepish grin

Well, I walked out to the mailbox and there were the two copies I was promised. Beautifully done.


You are a part of history. You lucky guy. I haven't read the book yet but will definitely buy it and read every word and pass it on.

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Received and recommend

I pre-ordered this book off of Amazon and received it about three weeks ago. What's nice is that it isn't just about Dr. Paul (e.g., he took science class, he kissed a girl) but instead the authors dive deep into the policies and economic history that were going on in the country, which is by far the more interesting read.

It is written very plainly without any art or style, which many here may appreciate, although it makes for a dry read. The type is criminally small, but I assume this was to reduce the page count and cost of the book.

Order it now! Thanks,


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I like the book so far, but

I like the book so far, but it has very small print, and is hard to read. The writing is pretty good, and the history is fascinating..RP's people are from Germany..

I'll let a third party do it for me

See. I have learned from Ron Paul.

Seems like they could have come up with a more provocative

title than "A life of ideas." That's way too generic.

I think

that is a quote from Dr. Paul.

I guess that's the difference

between Barr and Dr.Paul... Dr. Paul is not about self promoting.

I preordered this a couple

I preordered this a couple of months ago when it first showed up on Amazon. It shipped this week, but hasn't arrived yet. Can't wait till it does!

I'll buy one

Let's make it number 1 best seller.

I am buying one

I like reading more about Dr. Paul so I am going to order this book.

Me too

I love reading about Dr. Paul.

Just ordered. Thanks.

Just ordered.


Mine's coming now too.

Mine's coming now too. Looking forward to it. Perhaps I should have some 5x reading glasses ready too? : )

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