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MP3 | Michael Smerconish interview 12 Top Issues

Ron Paul Michael Smerconish interview Philadelphia (13 min)
Ron Paul NPR Report New Hampshire (4 min)
Ron Paul Bernanke Joint Econ Committee (16 min)
"Our Whole Economic System is a Sub-Prime!!"
Ron Paul Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board NH Q&A (60 min)
Ron Paul CNN Wolf Blitzer interview (8 min)
Ron Paul CNBC Kudlow interview & Panel Discussion (10 min)

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What a great interview!

Like I said in my previous comment, the Telegraph "round table" interview is fantastic! Once again I'm extremely impressed by Ron Paul. Make sure you give it a listen:



I love the way he smacked down that woman at the Telegraph...she claims they don't do abortions at 7 months -- what is she kidding? Who is in a better position to know when life begins than a baby doctor.

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I liked her, tough questions appreciated

I read stats say in the United States only about 1.4% of abortions are performed at > 22 weeks. See the stats for England and Wales here, as you can see almost none are performed after 22 weeks (the same goes for The Netherlands):

Personally I think Ron Paul's analogy is a little bit off. I'd consider an unborn baby simply the property of the mother (at least during the period between conception and viability), so if an accident occurred and the unborn dies obviously the perpetrator should be held responsible for the "loss of property".

But overall I think his opinion on the topic of abortion and stem cell research is rather nuanced and actually quite reasonable, unlike some of the other Republican candidates.

Excellent interview btw (the Telepgrah one).