Ron Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer

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Jaw Dropper Moment - I'm Ashamed and in Tears

I'm still picking my jaw and tongue off the floor. After being presented with the series of solo votes vs the entire House, I could see Ron's non-interventionist answer coming a mile away, but I wondered how he would explain the Rosa Parks vote. Saying he tried to get lawmakers to put up their own money instead of spending ours, and you know that must absolutely be true, and he just hammered home what we all know in our gut about the uniform corruption in Congress.

Ron's the real deal and has been for 30 years. I'm only ashamed to say that I learned about Ron more than 10 years ago, and only donated money to him once or twice in all that time. I figured America was ignoring him, he'd never get anywhere, too honest for his own good, a Boy Scout, etc. Boy, am I sorry now I didn't support him more earlier. Would have felt a lot better this day if I had. Well, it's never too late to stand up for someone who is right ...

Give me liberty or a candidate who will.

The Constitution

..has been an ignored document in DC, and even NYC for a long long time.

It's going to take the media folks a long time to brush up on it. So they will ask stupid questions for a while.

But in the end, the American people are going to realize:

He does not take money from lobbyists? He upholds his oath? He has no corporate backing?


Liberty and Freedom are a beacon; not a bullet.

Rosa Parks.... Damn...

This man is an American hero, full stop. I have never seen integrity and commitment to principle like this.

Even the smallest little thing, a few hundred bucks to a civil rights leader.... just wow.

By the time we carry him to the Oval Office and help him restore the Constitution, people will be naming babies after this man. He will go down in the history books as our modern-day Jefferson, stepping in at the last moment to save our great country from the onset of tyranny.

The votes say it all folks, Ron Paul stands alone for our Republic. Now its up to us to use our votes to do the same.

CNN gets it right

At 2:35 in this video, CNN's banner states, "RON PAUL STANDS ALONE". He truly does stand alone, and apart, and heads and shoulders above the rest. Integrity just oozes from this man! You gotta love it!

I think there is a subtle nuiance that we may be missing

Or maybe I should say I am just realizing.
I think I just realized the fact that most of these TV people may actually believe the slants they have been parading on tv as journalism. I really think these folks got a wake up call on Nov 5th and have actually now, read up on the Good Doctor and saw what drives us. They had too... He Set records. They had him all wrong. So they have had to reevaluate him which is what we wanted.

Think about it.... All the No Votes? picked for the piece (Grab everyones attention especially those waiting for another punch from the MSM).

I think we can be sure that Wolfe and crew knew the answers at least to the Rosa Parks question (there youtube vids of him on the subject)

I can just picture their breakroom discussions. I am sure they have been floored by his integrity. Hence the Rosa Parks piece. Which was by the way the last on the list brought up at the beginning of the interview (just to get all the nay sayers on the edge of their seat waiting for a good thrashing) and it was the parting shot that Wolf let Ron share with the audience the reason why he voted no so the viewers go away with. (Viewers expected a Punch from Wolfe but Wolf actually gave Ron a Pat on the Back in a round about way)

I truly think Wolfe has had an epiphany (time will tell). Lets hope this rest do and when they look some more and really discover the Red Pill!

Well maybe this is all just wishfull thinking but I am encouraged by the new found civility towards the greatest statesman of our time.

Wolf said it without even thinking.........

Ron Paul has become a phenomenon! Oh yeah! Don't you just love how our good Dr. spun old Wolf's attempt to attack his voting record on Rosie Parks........pure genious.

alan laney

The Rosa Parks Question

I'm glad that Wolf and others are asking these questions, so that those who are beginning to research Dr. Paul's voting record aren't left scratching their heads wondering, "What the heck did he vote THAT way for?"

Excellent point! Especially

Excellent point! Especially in this age of sound bite journalism.













if we dont smash the israel lobby the israel lobby will smash us

Blitzer was Fair

If Wolf Blitzer wanted to make RP look bad they would have edited out the answer with no explanation. By letting the answer air showed he is not trying to sabotage RP. I will bet Blitzer knew the answer before hand and wanted it aired.

Kill the caps

Kill the caps please.........

"Its time for a new Revolution! Ron Paul 2008"

"You don't gain much by being angry. I see this more as an intellectual, philosophical fight than a political, personality fight." - Ron Paul

Hey dude, Blitzer has been very kind to Dr. Paul

You are going to fry me and others if you keep writing with caps on.

The question about Rosa Parks and the gold medal bill was very welcome.
Yes: 424
No: 1

Vote Yes for Doctor No!

An excellent opportunity to explain the Libertarian philosophy:
"That wasn't easy for me because I think she is a real hero because I believe in civil disobedience... but we have to honor people with our own money, not with your money."


I'll take Blitzer over Tucker anyday, at least Blitzer is honest and makes great interviews.

Thanks Mr. Blitzer!

"OK Shaggy, you and Scoob check out the cave, me and the girls will stay here in the cabin"
~ Fred

MSM has been biased against RP including CNN

Well, I believe that the MSM has been largely biased against RP. Recently there was survey which found out that between August 2006 and August 2007 Ron Paul was mentioned by MSM for around 5000 times while someone like John Mccain was mentioned more than 90000 times. It is obvious MSM cannot completely ignore RP since he has been winning most of the straw polls, SMS polls, gets $4.3 million a day, even 4 times more popular on the net than any other presidential hopeful. One thing we have to remember is that people in MSM are of course biased but they are smart too. So they try to play games with RP in a tactful way such as

"Ron Paul is very popular on the Internet but badly behind in the Polls" by an anchor on CNN.
"I like Ron Paul but everyone will hate him if they come to know that he is going to eliminate Social Security and Medicare...." by Tucker on MSNBC
"Ron Paul raised $4.3 million dollars on a single day in commemoration of Guy Fawkes who tried to blew up the parliament." by an anchor on MSNBC.
"Ron Paul, an isolationist, raised...... " by an anchor on ABC.

Good Interview

He asked Dr. Paul all the right questions, and Dr. Paul gave all the right answers. Maybe they should ask the other members of congress why they wouldn't pitch in their money (not ours) to give a metal to Rosa Parks: Wouldn't that be the no-brainer?

Also, don't you have a confidence that Dr. Paul is one of the few people in the world who wouldn't be corrupted by the power of the presidency? I can't think of a better person to be president. We have a real hero right in front of our eyes, so lets go kick ass for him every day. Just come a little more out of your comfort zone. I've already made 10 enemies, (but 20 new friends).


Wolf Blitzer is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree. Obviously he has his negative, biased questions right in front of him to confront Ron Paul with BUT Ron Paul did his usual amazing, right from the heart answers. I have to say that I was disappointed with Wolf with his interview BUT I took the time to tell him what a discredit he had done to the American people. The whole point is that Dr Paul did what he always does, speak the truth and from the heart. Let's focus on the positive commentators. Cafferty? The radio roundtable of Lou Dobbs? There are news people (mind you not many) that do understand the plight of the middleclass and support Ron Paul's message and we need to focus on them. Let Ron Paul do his job and let us do ours.

"Evil can only prevail if good men remain silent"

If anyone tries to twist this as racist.....

...that he voted against the Rosa Parks medal, show them how he ALSO voted against a medal for Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan:


This man is....

completely on FIRE !!!

I don't trust CNN or NPR, but at least they allow Ron Paul to speak.

That's ALL we ask.

By the way....has Ron Paul appeared on any CBS news interviews yet?

Haha...I just found this CBS/Katie Couric piece reporting on Nov 5th.......................the first thing she says is..."Ron Paul polled at 0% in our CBS poll".


just adding to the chorus...

The depth of his principle and the committment to it blows me away, it really does. His explanation of his vote on the Rosa Parks question was informative and a profound insight into the intent of our founding fathers and the logic and rule of the constitution. His integrity and principle makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

As someone who has found Wolf Blitzer and CNN (fairly biased to the left) to be lacking in the past, I'm impressed by his fairness and allowance of Dr. Paul to answer the questions with something more than a sound bite answer.

Although I have leaned towards Fox as my major news outlet of choice- via using them as my homepage (don't have cable) , increasingly it is becoming a tabloid oriented news outlet- it's getting hard to stomach. The neo-con slant is getting a bit conspicuous as well. I will miss watching Sean Hannity foam at the mouth when Dr. Paul makes it to the top tier of candidates ... ;-)

It is getting quite annoying to hear the "who would you endorse, if you don't get the nomination..." question anymore. Hopefully that will cease to be a relevant interview question as Dr.Paul gains momentum.

I hope they keep asking it.

I hope they keep asking it. A few weeks from, after the polls continue their steady ascent, he's going to turn that right back at them and suggest that the other candidates should start thinking about whether or not that would support Paul if he wins the nomination.

He's been doing really well in these interviews this week

Just amazing. He's been looking good and sounding good all week long. If his poll numbers don't start going up then there is something really wrong with this country.

Tim Maitski
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He has been saying the same

He has been saying the same things for 30 years. He has been saying the sames things in every interview. He has always looked good because truth sells! As for Ron Paul, everything is same except that people are now taking notice and his 30 years old message is getting more and more popular.

The Ron Paul Revolution

Will Prevail !

Omitted critical statement at 6:10?

Im not a 100% positive, but I missed the live interview but saw the one at 6:10, and I dont remember hearing him talk about the 2 party bias that exists. I think they possibly omitted about 30 seconds from the live version. Anyone else catch this?

He mentioned the bias of the two party system.

In his response to Blitzers question about who he would support as the Republican candidate (should he not recieve the nomination), he talked about the difficulty- financial and otherwise of running as a third party or independent candidate.

The Question I'd like to Hear

Will the other GOP candidates support Ron when he wins the nomination? I'm sick and tired of Ron getting this question in any "serious" interview.

Ron, as always, is magnificient.

Excellent Point

Rudy, Mitt, John, Tom, Mike, Fred, if you didn't get the Republican nomination, would you support Ron Paul as the candidate?

I agree....turn it on them for a change! Let the talking heads pin the others against a wall like they never cease to do with the questions posed to Ron Paul.

I can see them squirming and twisting into a ball now!

"Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom." Patrick Henry


I love RON PAUL!

Wonderful Interview

When I originally saw it on-air, I sent this comment through

I just happened to catch Wolf Blitzer talking with Presidential hopeful Congressman Paul. What a delight. Absolute pure journalism! Ask an honest question, allow adequate time for a response, and that's what you get; an honest response with integrity. Kudos to Wolf and CNN for an excellent responsible broadcast. The Situation Room just gained a new regular viewer.


The Rosa Parks thing knocked the ball OUT OF THE PARK!! There are no words for this man!

Rosa Parks

I was sooo glad that they let RP expand on the Rosa Parks medal. If CNN had really wanted to hurt RP they could have just let that one hang in the air with no explanation from RP.

This is why he baffles so many people because he cannot expand on some of his issues.

Great Job RP. Thanks Wolf, fair interview!


I agree ! I saw that question coming a mile away and could not believe how he addressed that. I was first speechless than I laughed hysterically. That was nothing short of perfect

I agree. Wolf tried to nail

I agree. Wolf tried to nail him, but instead, Dr. Paul prevailed.

Sunny-side down?

That's a pretty distrustful way to look at it. You and I both knew Dr. Paul had a good answer ready for that question and if Wolf's staff spent even a tiny amount of time researching, they knew it too.

That whole segment was a softball designed to give Paul a chance to explain his reasoning and dispel rumors.

I agree

Wolf has been pleasantly helpful lately in the questions he asks Ron Paul and just in having him on in the first place. It appears to me that some powerful people are pulling for Ron Paul lately, even if they aren't in a position to admit it.

Go Ron Paul !

Paul sounds better

His voice is deeper, more resolute. I think in some interviews he's been tired and tends to sound a bit high and exasperated in his voice.

Great, great interview.

I love it

I'm not going to steal form someone to do good. I love this man. That one line just got over 1000+ new supporters. WWWWOOOOOO HOOOOOO


Notice that Wolf is letting him explain himself. What a concept. Sincere thanks to Wolf. As a FORMER Fox viewer, I am now a Situation Room and Lou Dobbs fan.

Can you not feel the momentum?


I used to be gung ho for fox myself, and would almost exclusively watch fox for my news. CNN, MSNBC and all of them turned my stomach, and I thought fox was a 'minute' breath of fresh air. Come to find out, they're the worst of the lot. The Internet has matured RAPIDLY in the last year or two, and now I have the ability to research what is being spoon fed, and at least get two sides to the story, if not the truth, so I can decide for myself.

I still check fox out, along with the rest of them, but take everything ANY of them says, with a grain of salt.

Just look at the poor and totally inaccurate reporting we've found concerning Dr. Paul. Imagine this to the Nth degree for all the news that is. And of course, everyone has an agenda. I just look at all sides, sources, and try to make an intelligent conclusion!


Wolf gave him a great opportunity to explain his Dr. No votes and Ron did a great job of doing so. He is getting better and better in these media interviews. No spin, just good honest truth.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

That last part was

That last part was BEAU-TI-FUL!
Let's all put in a hundred bucks and buy her a medal instead.

And ofcourse Wolfie wasting air-time again by asking RP what he'd do if he doesn't get the nomination. HE WILL GET IT *** DANG IT!
Wolf, stock up on spices 'cause pretty soon you'll be eating crow.

Still amazed by Dr. Paul

Even after listening to hours of speeches, radio shows, youtube videos and reading hundreds of articles, I was still blown away by this interview.

"...stock up on spices 'cause pretty soon you'll be eating crow." I love that. Is it ok if I steal it? 8-)

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Sure thing, run with it.

Sure thing, run with it.

This was perfect!

This was perfect!


HAHAHA!!! That Rosa Parks comment was pristine!
It simply re-enforces why I love this man!

RON PAUL 2008!!!


Tea Party mentioned

Tea Party fundraising drive mentioned on national TV.

This is so unbelievable.

Hahah! I know... that was

Hahah! I know... that was great.
thanks CNN!