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Blast from the past - 1981 Libertarians for life

http://www.l4l.org/library/bepro-rp.html has the text of something Ron Paul wrote back in 1981. Ron Paul hasn't grown in office or rediscovered or flip-flopped (noting "flipper" was one of those we encountered in Iowa who was there to explain Romney's positions, maybe he was of the class of 7474 (EEs will understand the reference)).

A realignment is taking place. Anti-war, Anti-state (as far as it is utterly stupid), Anti micromanagement, Anti-theft - er, I mean tax (if A and B vote to rob C, why is it called taxation and not theft?).

And today at antiwar.com, Justin Raimondo pens some suggestions for Cindy Sheehan. But the focus of the article is that Sheehan sounds more like Ron Paul, and Pelosi more like Bush.

Remember than in the story of moses, the burning bush preceeded the exodus. And his administration does seem to be going down in flames.

Ron Paul - he will put the mini in adMINIstration.

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