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LA Times article

The LA Times has republished an article about the "ferry incident" in support of Rudy.

As is true of any attempt to attack Dr. Paul a host of supporters have given the LA Times a raft of response.

I enclose the following response for those of us who prefer to shoot first and ask questions later.

You should understand proper debate before you take on journalists. Name calling is third grade stuff and it makes one think that the name caller is just a shill for another campaign making the Paul campaign look bad.

Stop it. You are giving these media a reason to attack the campaign on something other than issues. Who's team are you on anyway?!

The response below isn't much, but, it is the result of RESEARCH. If you are going to write something, research the facts and prepare a sensible argument or look for something else constructive to do.

Just ask yourself, WHY would the LA Times write this article and then, figure it out.

LA Times:

" I grew up with the owners/publisher's of the Boston Globe back in the 60's and 70's.

I'm sure the late Davis Taylor would have told me to look up who the owner of the paper was giving campaign money to if I wanted to explain why a certain candidate was getting smeared.

Irish Catholic Democrats play it as dirty as it gets..bless their little hearts.

The owner of the LA Times, Mr. Zell, is a financial supporter of Rudy Guiliani. This explains why his employees are instructed to trot out negative stories about his Republican competitors.

Mr. Zell has a host of reasons for not liking Dr. Paul's message of individual rights and $2300 reasons for liking Mr. Guiliani.

Case closed.

If Mr. Paul's supporters would like to smear Rudy I suggest they do what Mr. Zell has done. Buy a bunch of newspapers and instruct your employees smear Rudy.

It is, after all, still a relatively free country. "

This behavior is not based on some shadowy dark horror that needs to be assailed by a thousand posters.

Sam Zell is connected to all of the stuff we are campaigning against. He also owns a bunch of newspapers and Dr. Paul is never, I repeat never going to get jack from the LA Times or the Chicago Tribune

These people are our competitors. They got what they got. We got what we got. They have hatred, money, power, war...in a word..THEY HAVE NOTHING.

Stop wasting your time throwing yourself against the ramparts. Dr, Paul sets the example...Follow it.

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too true

Ron Paul puts me to shame every time he turns a backhanded comment back on the interviewer. It is amazing and classy, as we should all strive to be.