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The last time a Presidential candidate emerged on the national stage who was threatening to overturn the planned outcome -- was 1996. The candidate was Pat Buchanan. Now, in 2008, another candidate has emerged who is threatening to overturn the planned outcome. That candidate is Congressman Ron Paul. This page ... is probably the only place you can find out about how the Ruling Elite runs a votefraud syndicate in the USA -- and how we, the people, can stop this criminal syndicate from votefrauding Ron Paul in 2008. Click on the link that interests you, but we recommend you read them all.

If you have not already done so, please visit the Ron Paul page on

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I posted the vote fraud article on all of the Iowa Straw Poll events currently listed on That will help get the message out a little more. Here are the links I posted it to:

I am living in Florida so voter fraud has been a way of life here. I still can't believe what happened in 2000, and I still shudder whenever I hear of 50/50 vote splits. Let's make sure this doesn't happen!