Junk Mail for Ron Paul

If you're like me, you get a lot of junk mail. Much of it comes with postage-paid return envelopes, like the kind shown above. Rather than just throwing them away, or recycling them, put it to good use with a Ron Paul rubber stamp.

More ideas:

While you're at it, throw in a Liberty Card, or a Founding Fathers flier explaining who Ron Paul is. AT LEAST two other people will see it - the US Mail carrier, and the person who opens the envelope, but other hands will handle it as well. This is a very inexpensive way of getting Ron Paul's name and image out in front of the public.

While some people might feel bad about using these free post-paid envelopes to promote Ron Paul, I personally don't. After all, I never asked the company to try to sell me something. Although I'm rarely interested in what these real-world spammers have to offer, I figure they might be interested in what I have to offer. Freedom and liberty!

However, if you feel bad about it, then drop a note into the envelope saying, "Please remove me from your mailing list" along with the Liberty Card, then go ahead and stamp the outside. I think that is a very legitimate use for their pre-paid envelopes.

Also - this stamp is not only for junk mail. I also stamp all of my bills - gas bill, electricity bill, credit card bills - and throw some info about Dr. Paul in there as well. It is a way of communicating directly with other working class Americans. And those workers talk to one another: "Hey, I got another one of these cards. Who is this guy? I'm going to go find out."

And with the holidays coming up, be sure to stamp all of your cards and packages, too. And don't forget your paper money. We've got to do whatever we can to get the word out. It is the best $13.87 (including shipping) that you'll spend. Make a statement without saying a word.

Get one!

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Go DR. ron paul! Higley

Go DR. ron paul! Higley direct mail marketing

Well, this is a good idea

Well, this is a good idea actually. Though it's kinda funny but I will go with this..

arizona direct mail

I really love this site

When I read the lengths Dr. Paul supporters go to I have to laugh. We are just way cool. Bless, Dr. Paul and his grass roots they are the best. Hmmm!
would this work in the Tea party wasn't that something about the Stamp Act that got them worked up. Maybe I'm wrong I was up late wanting to get my donation in this morning. Peace

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Someone posted this idea at

Someone posted this idea at my Ron Paul Ideas Forum Youtube video too. Please make a "contribution" to my ideas forum, hopefully a place where people can go for inspiration for new ways to support Ron Paul! http://youtube.com/watch?v=x_mg1tPFB1Q

ideas for promoting RP

Here's a list of great ideas for promoting Ron Paul.

Creativity rules!


I thought of doing this as

I thought of doing this as well.
I think it may be considered mail fraud. So I opted out. Not that I would ever be cought. I just thought it would look bad for Mr. Paul's campaign.
Putting a stamp on it is a good idea. But I stamp all my mail with the RP for pres stamp.
I would advise against it.
Even if there isn't any money.

Go Ron Paul!

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Be careful!!!

They often have tracking numbers on them
here's a page that explains how to return junk to Delaware

Please do what Ron Paul would do...

Hi there,

I just want to caution that we should do what Ron Paul would do and he always does the right thing, right?! Of course right. So, please stick some postage on it because it's not right to steal someone else's money, even if they are the dreaded credit companies. Let's be careful not to be hypocritical and to rightfully represent The Man we want to represent us in the White House.

Also, imissliberty made some good points about regulations and we should do our best to follow them. Check into it first. It's always right to do right.

Thanks for "listening"!

Bad idea.

The postal service prohibits the use of business reply envelopes for anything other than the proposed business. If, say, Capital One gets enough of these, they'll tell the Postal service, and the campaign could get fined. You don't want that, do you?


This is the lamest retort I think I have ever seen, the campaign will get fired for a grassroots supporter who returns the mail sent to them. It works both ways, they can stop sending the junk mail.

What are you thinking?

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" -- Thomas Jefferson -

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" -- Thomas Jefferson -

yes, only if they catch

yes, only if they catch you


Stamping your bills is

Stamping your bills is however a perfectly fine idea.

Stamp the hell out of everything!

Registered Republican
Federalist Society Member
REAL Conservative for Ron Paul

...as long as it's legally

...as long as it's legally permissible, as it is with bills.

junk mail

i receive mail from the other campaigns as well. i take their postage paid envelope and mail them a ron paul flyer.

Postal Regulations

My feelings are mixed, and have already been expressed by others, so I'll just add:

Don't stamp below the address, stamp above it. The machine readers will be confused, the mail will go into the problem bin, and some postal sorter will be annoyed at having to sort it by hand.

(Machines read from the bottom, up. They send to the bottom line, then to the next one up, etc. That's why the suite should always go above the street line, or at the end of it. Also regs. require no punctuation as it tends to be misread by the machine. Check with the USPS or Cliff Claven, if you don't believe me.)


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

LOL Instead of mailing their


Instead of mailing their material back to them put a slim jim in there. If I were the lacky supposed to open all that mail I would be delighted to get something different.

Support and Defend the Constitution!


I *HATE* JUNK MAIL - I SAY SPAM THE SPAMMERS - ITS ONLY PEOPLE employed by the company opening the envelopes, they could give a rats a$$ if it cost the company some money - they might even be titillated by the idea... plus the postal workers will see it!!!

+ card or slim jim

Great - and be sure to insert an RP card or slim jim inside the envelope

Now I can respond to all those CapitalOne offers I get

I like this because one is simply matching an unsolicited offer to an unsolicited offer. I don't like the idea that you have to tell them who you are to get them to take you off their list but if you somehow still feel guilty about using their postage, you can add your own postage stamp to save them that.

I Don't Like it!! & I do Like it!!

I use my Rubber stamp all the time and stamp every envelope I send out. But I would never send it on one of these envelopes....with no intent of signing up for the offer. Just my opinion. Whoever gets this envelope and opens it up, is just going to be pissed, and it will be written off as "Another Ron Paul Spammer" Abusing the system.

Now your idea about Dropping a note in saying "Take me off your mailing list" with a Liberty card inside changes the entire Game. I love it!

Always keep a bunch of Liberty cards in your pocket...It is amazing to me how throughout the day, there are so many oppurtunities to place them. One of my favorites, is in the sugar holders at Restuarants. The next people that sit down always pull it out and read it,

Also, I always place one in every elevator I am on...someplace up high, wherever it will stick...when I use that elevator again a few minutes later, somebody has grabbed it.

I have two of the stamps....one at work. (I am a business owner) and we get a lot of cash every day. I keep one of my stamps right next to our cash register...and throughout the day I stamp all of the bills that we are handing out..

Ready for this....One of my employees cashed a paycheckm and was eager to show me the next day that 2 of the Bills he got from the Bank, has the RP Stamp.

Also, I was getting gas, and guess what I got back in my change... a $1 bill with the stamp.

It makes me smile knowing these are floating all around the city!

Just my thoughts!

RP Stamp

I have a stamp too. Also, I bought three, kept 1 and gave the other 2 out. I am a truck driver and stamp all my cash. I go through toll boths constantly. Before I used to hand out the liberty cards for an introduction and ask, "Have you heard of him yet?" Then if the people said no and actually looked intrested I would then hand them a slim jim also and tell them to look into him. Now I use the cash itself as the introduction and if the people seem receptive I then give them both a liberty card and a slim jim. After using the stamp I'm running into people more frequently now who are also Ron Paul supporters and their face lights up amazingly knowing there are those of us everywhere. It's easy to become disheartend knowing the threat we are under because of the constant propaganda from the corrupt media establishment and by stamping cash we can help bolster the morral of others while continuing to promote RP. The stamp is an amazing effective method which we need more people involved in. Compared to the cost of handing out slim jims and liberty cards and such it's an extremely cost efficient tool.