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Senator & congressman recall

There may not be a provision, but there is nothing that say it can not be done. We the citizens of Missouri can put them in office and we can certainly take them out. Let put our efforts in "How to" instead of "we can't". let's be like the little engine that could, " We think we can", "we can do it". If there is not a provision lets get one. these senators will be around for a few more years to decimate the people. We need to get a provision, for our elected officials who ignore the people. Lets not forget how Senator McCaskill, Bond and Congressman Skelton ran over the voters of Missouri, email our senators, let them know we are working on getting a provision to remove them from office. This will also let our elected officials we are in control and are taking back our country and state.

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There should be a petition to include on EVERY ballot

a box next to each incumbents name that says simply "Remove from office". So we have the all- in- one place to vote FOR a candidate while at the same time recall any others. They didnt ask a reason WHY we elected them the first time, we owe them NO reason as to why we want them recalled. It should be made simple. THAT would get people to the polls.

Live Free or Diebold

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I like that Idea

that way every 2 years ask if they should be retained in office. But still we need a Bad boy provision to keep em in line.

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Let's fire 'em


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awaiting response

from MO AG

I can tell you the answer.

"We may need only add their names on a ballots in an election or have a special election for the recall of state senators."

The answer will be no.

If you really need to continue this, send me an email and I'll give you my phone number.

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I'll wait for officials to inform me. the way rules and laws are made and the way they are lousily played with. I'll get my information from officials.

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We may need only add

their names on a ballots in an election or have a special election for the recall of state's US senators.

Senator recall

This site explains the process. However only 18 states allow for recall. They are as follows: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin

"Live Free or Die"

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Thanks Glorial

Do you know if its law or if its a constitutional amendment?

Travis Maddox is running agains Roy Blunt.

who you can actually get out of office this year send this guy money he is running against Roy Blunt. Roy Blunt is a turd. This is something you can do right now just by telling people to go to his site and give him money for adds.


Remember Roy is leading the charge in the house.

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Let's make Roy charge

to the outhouse

That is a cause worth working on

I know the C4L members in his district will be doing exactly that.

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I wish he was in my district

I got Ike Skelton :(

Then work to replace him.

Put the constitutional amendment on hold and work to replace Skelton. That is a better place for your energies and has an immediate impact.

Work for his opponent Jeff Parnell, Republican, Rogersville, MO 65742

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I'm not McCain

I can do more than one thing at a time :)

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I don't know about Parnell

the state GOP is pushing him

He's the only one running against Skelton

So keep Skelton or put in Parnell.

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I was thinking their is/was a constitutional candidate running for 4th CD

The dead horse is dead, don't beat it

Okay, let me explain it. You do not have recall ability unless it is granted.

The Missouri constitution does not grant recall abilities. In Missouri there are statutory provisions for recall. The statutory provisions for recall in Missouri only relate to 3rd class cities and fire districts.

The Missouri constitution does grant cities the ability to create home rule charters that can have recall provisions. I am currently an elected member of a constitutional charter commission that is writing a charter for O'Fallon, Missouri. We will have recall in our charter. It is up to the voters adopt that charter.

Counties also have charters that may grant recall of county officials.

In Missouri, there is no provision for recalling elected members of state or federal offices.

If you still have doubts, call the Missouri Secretary of State's office at (573) 751-2301

You asked for a how to. Okay, here is the how to.

Since the procedures for selection of members to the US House and Senate are set forth by the Missouri Constitution, the recall procedures will need to be put in place via a constitutional amendment.

The procedures for constitutional amendment are found here.


So I suppose, if you really want to, you can go through the process of amending the Missouri constitution to include recall, then go about the recall procedures.

It would probably be a better option to wait for their terms to expire and work to elect their opponent.

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Although I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice, I do not know of a provision for “recall” of Congresspersons, but there is a provision in the US Constitution for the impeachment of Congresspersons.

Amending the Missouri Constitution would have no effect on the provisions of the US Constitution. Only a US Constitutional amendment could change the US Constitution.

Kay Dinolfo
Elections Division
Missouri Secretary of State

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If that has to be done

lets get 'er done. Then well be ready for the next time. Will be ahead of the game instead of trying to play catch up.

Go for it.

I'll even sign your petition. I'm not going to put any energy into the massive task of amending our constitution. I'll be putting my efforts into the Campaign for Liberty.

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Your telling me

your not interested in liberty enough to put in some effort? What do you think Dr. Paul and the campaign for liberty would advise or do? If a law restricts our liberty it up to "we the people" to change or abolish it.

I'm telling you I know exactly what it takes

I'm telling you I know exactly what it takes to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot. In Missouri, the number signatures required to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, is 8 percent of the votes cast at the last Gubernatorial election by congressional district.

The number of confirmed signatures for each of Missouri's 9 congressional districts are as follows:

CD1 - 23,182
CD2 - 28,787
CD3 - 23,775
CD4 - 22,829
CD5 - 23,527
CD6 - 25,775
CD7 - 25,450
CD8 - 21,563
CD9 - 24,308

Total - 219,196 CONFIRMED signatures

The signatures need to be gathered in at least 6 of the 9 congressional districts. These numbers are based on the 2004 election. The numbers will be substantially higher after this election.

If you really want to get this done, it is going to require a coordinated statewide effort at the precinct level. You'll need people to be in charge of every precinct in the state. You'll need people to be in charge of every county in the state. You will want someone to oversee each congressional district.

Guess what, that is exactly what the Campaign for Liberty is structured to do.

So again, I am putting my efforts into building the Campaign for Liberty.

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Your have help me take the first

step, thanks. The SoS office suggested we look at other states that has provisions to see how they did it and wording on the law.

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I'm gonna look up the rules in CA. I hope it's possible.

email me with updates

count me in. feinstein needs to go.

Should Someone make a recall meetup

For our (CA) Senators?

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It's possible

It mat take changing some laws, making some law or amendments. "we put them in, we can take them out"