30 Days Until Iowa Straw Poll - Ron Paul Needs Your Help

Note: This comes directly from the Campaign site:

Coming off the great success of the Rally for Life and Liberty in Des Moines last Saturday, we now need to keep the momentum going with a victory at the Straw Poll in Ames on August 11th.

It’s time to convert our internet energy into real political power.

We need you to be there. We need you to bring your family and friends.

Thousands of Iowans need to vote in the Straw Poll for Dr. Paul. And thousands more need to come from around the country to participate and volunteer at the event.

Our success in this event will catapult Congressman Paul into the national spotlight.

This need is urgent.

I need you to RSVP right now so we know who’s coming. Please do it right now.

Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to freedom in this most practical way.

We look forward to seeing you at the Straw Poll on August 11th and thank you for your support of Congressman Ron Paul.

Joe Seehusen
Iowa State Coordinator
Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee

More details follow. Check often for updates!

What is the Straw Poll?

The Iowa Straw Poll is a Republican Party fundraiser. Each candidate has a brief opportunity to address the attendees, who then vote in a mock election. This year it will take place in Ames, IA on August 11th from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm at the Hilton Coliseum.

Who can vote?

You must meet all voting requirements in order to vote:

  • Be 18 years of age or older on Election Day, November 4, 2008
  • Be an Iowa resident
  • Be willing to purchase a $35 ticket

This poll is open to anyone regardless of party affiliation. Anyone can vote. You will need to bring proof of your Iowa residency; a driver's license, a state of Iowa ID, a student ID, or a military ID will work.

ANYONE can attend and lend support.

Why is the Straw Poll important?

The straw poll is critical for a number of reasons. There is a vast amount of press coverage, and the nation’s eyes will be on Iowa for the day. This is a tremendous opportunity to display Congressman Paul’s strength of support to a national audience. Also, success at the Straw Poll is a strong indicator of success at the Caucus. It is the next big step on our road to the White House. Candidates who fail to perform adequately at the Straw Poll often remove themselves from the race shortly after. Because the Straw Poll requires people to show up and spend their money, it is a truer test of a candidate’s actual support than a phone poll, which requires no real effort on behalf of the supporter.

I’m sold! What can I do to help?

Attend! Show up and vote, or show up and help out! And bring all your family and friends! You can RSVP for the Straw Poll by clicking here .

Spread the word! If you can’t make it, encourage others who can. You can call all your friends, send out an e-mail with a link to this page, mention it on your blog, or bring it up at your next club meeting.

RSVP to attend or volunteer

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our chances look very good

due to the fact that the republican candidates are all douchebags,(except ron paul)and two ficticious frontrunners are avoiding the event,(cowards!)the turnout might not be as big as the straw polls of past. we might win this by a landslide. i dont think the other candidates have nearly the enthusiastic supporters that we have, and there may be a good chance that alot of them wont show up. i am not by any means saying we got this in the bag. i'm just saying the odds look very good for us. so if we work our asses off to get people there i predict we will slaughter them! and a landslide victory will soar us into the primaries as frontrunner. i watched the cspan itr forum , those people looked like they didnt even want to be there.i think we got this if we want it. so keep the enthusiasm alive. our creativity and drive will win this event.i can feel it.

whats the straw poll like?

ive never been to the iowa straw poll and i know alot of people havent either . someone told me there was bands, food and beverages and booths and stuff. what kind of beverages? is there beer? i ask because, some people i talk to at work are the type of people who dont like to go too far away from beer on thier weekends off. that said, i would like someone to give me a good detailed description of what goes on at the straw poll so when i tell people about it and try to encourage people to go, i'd like to know what i'm talking about. i dont want to mislead anyone into thinking they are going to something and find out its completely different from what i described.

Straw Poll

If I am not mistaken there is Aug. 5 ABC Tv debate just week before Straw Poll. I can imagine that those who intend to vote in Straw Poll, will be watching the debate.
I Think There is Action Required, before the Debate.
We Got a Choice.
Whine that Our Candidate didn't Have Enough Time in the Debate.
Strongly Demand from ABC to Give Equal to "1st Tier Candidates " Time to Ron Paul.
They should know that we will be counting every second.
And specially, if Nostradamopoulos will be the moderator.
We should start very soon, if not Now.
Let's do it Iowa Taxpayers style.

RP at the straw poll?

I don't really know how this works, but is Dr. Paul attending the Iowa Straw Poll and will he be addressing the audience? Him speaking to the audience seems like it would be the most effective means of swaying the vote, especially for those who would be hearing him for the first time. Iowans seem to be resonable folks who pay attention to politics, and if they're paying $35 to participate it means they actually care and want to make an informed decision.

Iowa is just the beginning!!! Let's do it!!!

I've been to the Ames Straw Poll

Dr. Paul will be attending and will address the audience. Voting, however, takes place all day long and I'm sure a large portion of the ballots will be cast before the speeches. In fact, many people who vote will not even attend the speeches or at least not all of them.