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Charleston Voice - First Ron Paul Meetup Recap

I'm on the email list of the Charleston Voice, an "editorial repository for unflinching Americanism." Yesterday's the editor sent this note around:

Subject: Off to My First Ron Paul "Meet-Up" tonight @7:00PM

Body: Never before done this - go to a political event before. I figure this is the last peaceful opportunity to change things. At least in my lifetime. I earn 'whining rights' if all fails. These Ron Paul Meet-Ups are nationwide and in nearly every community.

Today came the report, which I'm sure all Ron Paul fans will be happy to read (the picture above was posted at the end of the email).

Subject: Ron Paul Meetup Recap

Body: Let me begin by pointing out that having been a John Bircher for many years in my 'earlier' life, I discovered at the Meetup that I had at last 'graduated' to the ranks of the silver foxes. There were but a handful present, several young professionals, one Citadel cadet, and the local Paul Meetup supervisor. All, but the supervisor were under 30. The Citadel cadet was a US history major, and the young professionals were libertarian ideologues. Very well informed. We met in a local restaurant bar which provided a gayful ambiance.

All present bubbled with enthusiasm. A couple of the young gals even passed out Paul brochures to the unaffected patrons at the bar. Much to our dismay (but not surprised) none had heard of Ron Paul. Shortly, there arose chants for "Ron Paul!, Ron Paul!, Ron Paul!" coming from the bar led by the bartenders. The Elitist Establishment must be trembling at the growing reality that there will be a Ron Paul victory. Tory-Republicans, Be Gone!

A couple of observations -

I concluded that college students, at least those at the Citadel, are still measuring the presidential candidates on a yardstick of relative appeal. Our student Paulies must inform and educate their peers to look at the candidates, yes, but base their decision on their own value systems. Avoid 'debating' which of the leading candidates promises the best relative value. What is right , and what is wrong must be defined in the prospective voters' minds. Doing so, an interested person can only conclude that Paul's is a candidacy of absolutism and honesty. He expresses, reflects, and will carry out policy in the prospects' own values and beliefs. His candidacy is You. Young people have not yet built their castles, or raised any young 'uns, have few life experiences, and with little accumulated through their own sweat, have little to lose, and consequently do not fully realize our country's dangers.

I would have liked to have seen a better action plan. True, there weren't many of us, but still perhaps joint visits to local college campuses asking if we could show Aaron Russo's movie to the student body, or at least to the history department. Visit local businesses with other Paulies distributing literature and talking about what Ron Paul stands for. Contacting local libraries (which are free) and putting on free showings of Russo's From Freedom to Fascism, or The Money Masters. Having Voter Registration "How-To-Register" information for new Paulies. I've found that once a person realizes he will be voting, he'll be more committed to the Cause.

We're new and young, but we'll learn quickly.

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One by one

Congratulations happy parents, another Ron Paul meetup group is born. That cartoon is great -- where is it from?


Kate, another 'truck-driving, workboot-clad, woman for Ron Paul in NH' like me, is the organizer of the Concord NH meetup...and she says she had to add about 100 new meetup groups to her map...

Welcome to the cause of Freedom.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers