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Ron Paul Revolution, Memphis Style

Way to go Memphis!!!

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Calling Memphis

Hey can you tell me - where do get the stencils? And what did you use for the banners?

I'm going to my first meetup out here in Boston next week, and I'm excited. You guys set a great example!!!

Michael Nystrom

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

"Thank you, thank you very much..."

You folks from Memphis really raised the bar with this effort, and especially getting a spot on the local TV news. Tennessee is the "Volunteer" state and you proved it. This was just great fun and did the job really well. Hats off to y'all.


The only word that comes to my mind is inspirational.
Amazing work guys!


I loved the "Ron Zone", LOL (and I bet that was a great BBQ ya'll had). From beginning to end, the video just got better and better. I have tears in my eyes folks. THANK YOU for prooving, it only takes a few people. A few GOOD people! Yesterday I went out to see if my handmade signs needed to be replaced with new ones. To my surprize, most of them were still up. But the biggest shock was when I went to a "major" posting fence where tons of posters, flyers, cards, relics are hung, and everything was removed from the fence. Next to the fence was a new box, one tenth the size of the fence, apparently a new "bill box". Apparently someone selected flyers and posters from the fence and put those up in the box. It included one of my hand made Ron Paul signs. I sure wish I had a meet-up group here in the bluest of blue green, Mendocino California. LOVE YOU MEMPHIS Meet-up for RP!!!! Elvis rocked!