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Iraq Troop Surge Debate: Ron Paul - Anti Surge

Thank you to Laura for calling this excellent speech to our attention:

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Transcript here

The written transcript of this speech, with video, is also in the Ron Paul Library.


Thanks Ron Paul Library

.....the part about the patient is such a gracious way of describing the situation in Iraq, then moving on to solutions. Dr. Paul never seems to resort to finger-pointing, blame etc. (Even tho those responsible should be prosecuted, he moves on to what should be done.) When you think about it, this approach besides being waaaay mature, is much more effective.

I become so inundated with details of the horrific, angry with the perpetrators, .outraged at the audacity...that sometimes I vent before realizing that I am doing so. Dr. Paul's way is stating the situation, presenting the only possible remedy and, at the same time, appealing to the listener's higher, human nature.

Many, many supposedly educated people have no idea what is going on. What I have learned is that if I get a blank look when I mention the North American Union, pharmaceuticals on the board of the FDA, the real cost of the war, the real number of civilians killed or displaced, what the Federal Reserve really is , etc.,....I better use Dr. Paul's non-alarmist approach. So hard for me to understand but apparently so many things that are happening and are totally verifiable on the internet, are considered "conspiracies" or "nut-case talk." People have to wake up to so much in order to understand Dr. Paul,


why i hate sound bytes

Compare this to Bush's speech yesterday. I'm tired of being talked down to by our president like we're little children being corrected by our parent. "Now settle down now, you've just got the war fatigue and it's affecting your psychology, so stop your whining." What the hell?! I want to have a president who will speak logically to us like we are intelligent adults

Why can't we hear full intelligent arguments like this on the news or in the papers? After hearing Bush's rambling nonsense for the last 6 years, I think we have the time.


Dr. Paul,I am ashamed.I have failed in my responsibilities as an American citizen.This will not happen again.Thank you.

walter whitt