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Zeitgeist Addendum = Steaming Pile of NWO Propaganda


The movie started by establishing the fraud of the US monetary system, which it applied to the IMF and World Bank, and then extended to the global corporate empire that is raping the world through "capitalism" and "free trade".

True capitalism and free trade were thus demonized.

It stated that all systems that are based on money are inherently corrupt, whether it be socialism, fascism, capitalism, or communism, but I believe that it stated that capitalism is supposed to be the worst.

It stated that people need to create a system that is "based on resources" so that there is "no competition", and then people can solve every problem with technology.

It argued that trying to change politics is useless, because in a "monetary system" everything is inherently corrupt, and supporting Ron Paul is particularly useless evidently.

Zeitgeist Addendum also wants everyone to give up their religions, so that the whole world can focus on the "collective cosmic conscience".

This is classic NWO propaganda.

For those of you who aren't aware, the international banksters financed the Bolshevik Revolution and created Communism, when Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff financed Leon Trotsky in New York.

This "resource-based technocratic utopia" tripe is just the latest version of the propaganda that they will use to create global fascism by manipulating all sides of civilization.

Please compare these forms of propaganda to the actual tenets of the original Bavarian Illuminati, which was established by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776:

•Abolition of monarchies
•Abolition of ordered government
•Abolition of private property
•Abolition of nationalism
•Abolition of marriage
•Abolition of religion
•The communal education of children

NWO = Jesuits + Zionists + Knights of Malta

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Yeah Spill,

that's where the logic starts to become a little goofy for some.

but i don't think the movie went there.

and i get the feeling you are being facetious? eh?

why is it so hard for people

why is it so hard for people to see a world without money?

money is the root of all evil, get a clue

why well because its like musical chairs and there will always be a loser

that loser will drag down society.

people just cant see how far humans have come in the last 100 years as they type on their desk tops and lap tops,,,,, thats the funny part...

in about 40 years things will be so automated that no one will have to work and do tedious factory jobs

wow. you really are off your


you really are off your rocker.

first off, evil exists, as without it, there is no good.

secondly, there's far more good then you can imagine. it's there.

thirdly, the evil that does exist does NOT have it's roots in money, religion, science, or any thing external.

the root of evil is us.

take away money, you still have evil.

take away science, you still have evil

take away guns, you still have evil

take away religion, you still have evil

humans have the imagination to replace whatever external "root" you can invent, with something else.

on this world, the root of all evil is human. and the root of all good is human.

we're both.

which one will you feed?

we've been given a challenge: exist in your environment and commit evil and good acts, which will you choose?

money is irrelevant.

you are so lost.


He's no being facetious, he's just a goddam moron, and you need to realize that this is the new social cult that Zeitgeist is creating to pit against us.

please explain why i am

please explain why i am being a moron?????

because i know the future will be very automated and money creates corruption?

you're not being a moron,

you're not being a moron, you just need to be more thought out and eloquent.

perhaps every single thing will be automated in 40 years, but don't you think it is extremely presumptuous to bring it up so matter-of-factly, and it comes across as rather naive considering the condition things are in right now

if the elites have an automated world in 40 years, then that probably means that just about all the "regular people" died off and/or were murdered.

first-things-first, Spill

but you very well could be right, and i think some venus project people would probably conceed - that we are probably past a point of no return and many will die before any survive. i would love to be wrong, but i wasn't wrong about the economic system, and i try and use sound judgment and as best analysis as i can in any of my personal projections. so far i'd say that the earth might be able to support 7 billion ppl, but not the way we live today.

so, are humans smarter than yeast?

but that the thing! there

but thats the thing! there will be a NWO weather you like it or not.

the thing is how we will get there and this movie exposes how the ELITE bankers are trying to do it thru globalism!

what we need to do is beat them at there own game but make sure in the end, they dont control shit because we dont rely on there debt filled money.

the only way to do that is thru technology to eliminate money debts!




i appreciate the comraderie

but you probably have me pegged wrong.

i will be wary of any cult - but that unfortunately has to include the Ron Paul cult. Just like not all christians are cultish, not all RP followers are cultish, but its there.

its like the 9/11 truth thing. i know it was an inside job at very deep and far-reaching levels. but some people just take the thing to far, sometimes honestly, but still. these "truther culters" think that the meaning of their life is 9/11 truth. its a great vocation, especially if you don't have a good one already, but most of these people are just distracting themselves from their own lives.

on the other hand, it is more likely in my mind that the majority of people who understand what 9/11 was and was not don't post on internet forums, or carry copies of loose change around with them. it is many of the "fanatics" that we hear from. much like christians and muslims, too.

plus, on the internet, PARTICULARLY on internet forums, you don't really ever know who is smart, who is stupid, and who is disinfo, i don't have the time or need to figure all that out anyways. i basically pay it no heed (except today, once a year is not a bad record).

me? i like to take both idealism and practicalism to the highest levels so that i can do my balancing thing. its a zen thing.

as per usual, have fun all


Fortune Favors the Bold

The three scariest words in the english language: Come Join Us


Fortune Favors the Bold

All lasting change comes from outside the system

Ron Paul made a valiant effort to change the system from within and now we have plenty of third party candidates to vote for. His campaign has also educated millions of people about the real problem in the world-Central Banks and fiat currency.

Unfortunately his campaign was too late. Last week the bailout bill passed and most likely there will be a hyper inflationary period before the Federal Reserve Board shows its next "solution". They'll make this decision without any approval from congress or the president because now they really don't have to-it's law.

The congress, senate, judiciary and executive branches of our government have proven to all be defunct. We're handicapped without a piggy bank that makes money out of thin air to bribe every politician.

Our only chance, as it was in the first American Revolution, the women's suffrage movement, Civil Rights movement, the child labor laws movements and even the anti vietnam war movement is to start change outside the political system. This movement can be fundamentally different because we have a bigger problem that faces America. The problem is why do we have money?

For decades there has been technology to produce all the energy we need without any fuel source except the air and sun. There has also been ways of growing food year round and storing the food.
So, my question is who is ready to drain this fiat currency system?

Here are the goals-inform everyone you can about the fraud of the Federal Reserve, pay down your debt, get all your money out of the bank then convert it to precious metals or some other easily transferable non fiat currency, grow your own food, try to stop using any fuel source that isn't renewable and let the vampires dry up?

I know it sounds like an unobtainable goal, but with enough people this can work if we form networks of support. Earthship sustainable communities have been around since the 70's, but they've never caught on because they're not the houses people see advertised as popular on TV. It might be a long struggle to make our lives sustainable without the need for a fake currency, but in my opinion it is the only way to fight and win.


that how i see it, too

"money" - as in "all money is fundamentally cash" concept has not been around for very long. and when ordinary people had ready access to the things that sustain their bodies, families, and communities, cash was a secondary form of money. of course, the current "reality" that cash is king plays into, and indeed is a part of, the controlling agenda.

and we all know the reasons why precious metals are forms of "cash" second-to-none. so this is a great starting point for the healing stages if they are to come. a return not only to precious metals, but to other ways of exchanging our time and energy.

Someone please answer how we

Someone please answer how we are supposed to have a capitalist society when EVERYTHING IS AUTOMATED even the self cleaning toilet?????

my toilets broke- can i have yours?

or is there a automated Jetsons astro-sh*tter replacer built in the wall? Prostitution isnt going away either.

Live Free or Diebold

Put my name down for an astro-sh*tter and an Orgasmatron.


I won't pay you for it because there will be no money in the future. The Venus Project will take care of everything and there will be kool-aid for everyone! Wooooot!

"Ron Paul forced me to distinguish between Capitalism and Corporatism."

"Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they've always made me glad." - Malcolm X.

Proof that "Money As Debt" and Zeitgeist Addendum are full of bull:

in the future things will

in the future things will not break as easy. there is already plastics that heal theme selves when torn..... or your robot servant can take a look at the problem

I'd be down

Fortune Favors the Bold

with the UFP.

Fortune Favors the Bold

what about the sex industry?

Freud was all-wet in ALOT of areas - but theres alot to be said for his theories on sex and agression being the primary motivators. People are worth more than just what can be provided by machines. SOMEONE will have to lift a finger- and if they are busy- they will want something in return for the inconvenience of dropping what they are doing. If you want a perfect world- think universally and act locally.

Live Free or Diebold

we are not to many years away

where not to many years away from human cyborgs.... maybe you can find a cyborg girlfriend FREE shipping

man your last 20 posts just

man your last 20 posts just saw your credibility, with me at least, go straight into your autocleaning crapper.

i actually feel a bit sorry for you.

how can someone who is supposed to be enlightened, be so completely clueless about the nature of humanity.

Zeitgeist Part One Exposed:

~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiU7bidWIdY

"It is your duty as loyal Americans to Shut up."– Bill O'Reily

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

I agree with almost the entire original post,

I agree with your entire OP, as I have researched enough tp know it is reasonably accurate. However, this is too far of a conjecture:

Social Engineer:
"This "resource-based technocratic utopia" tripe is just the latest version of the propaganda that they will use to create global fascism by manipulating all sides of civilization."

It would take a long conversation to flesh out the things in that movie, the lines of logic, that i might take in different directions. However, the logic of the film has a lot of integrity, and shouldn't be simply dismissed out of hand - by a reasonable person.

Calling the whole thing "NWO Tripe," is giving short shrift to a complex thought process. I won't say that the entire movie sat with me entirely comfortably, but the logical arguments that were laid out had enough integrity for me to consider deeply much of it.

The illuminati or whatever funded communisms rise, and capitalism's. both philosophies have their merits's and both have serious drawbacks. i have been a staunch libertarian - but allow me to digress:

"Liberty" is what sailors get. I do not want liberty b/c the whole concept is based on a law of the sea employment paradigm.

So i don't even consider myself a libertarian anymore. I want Freedom. On economics i have been a staunch free markets proponent for many years. but capitalism also exists in large part b/c of the elite's long-term agendas that reach into history.

so when considering SOLUTIONS for our future, i beleive it does need to start with freedom and protected property rights and properly enforced contracts and most particularly a renewal of our education systems. but where does this lead? technology is not going to end. where does the story go if we are to have a hope of long-term prosperity? what are all these people going to do if WE DO MANAGE TO FIX THIS THING?

do you have an answer, Engineer? this is what i would love to talk about. . . to the extent that we find it useful. but back to the point of this post and a couple others of mine here - many people who are part of this so called ReVoLution are wasting a lot of their mental and emotion energy critiquing things in very unuseful ways.

from someone who has been trying to talk to people about these issues in the most constructive ways i can dream of, for the last 10 years its so discouraging to see people being too paranoid or taking things way too personal for their own good.

have fun all,

Over Reaction

I really enjoyed the first Zeitgeist movie and I think I enjoyed this one better. After all "Zeitgeist: Addendum" is only a movie. I only disagree with 2 parts of the movie. It has a bit of a communistic theme where we must all join hands and live in our new utopia. I love my individuality and believe in individual thinking. I could however learn to live in such a peaceful and prosperous society. The only other part of the movie I disagreed with was that "free market capitalism" is inherently evil. I do 100 percent agree that our current money system is evil and is therefore slavery. So perhaps "free market capitalism" could be misconstrued as evil because of the way we are enslaved by our current monetary system. I think many people miss the main point of the movie or at least my interpretation. My interpretation is that this movie is trying to teach us to be individual thinkers. I believe it is trying to tell us that we shouldn't let governments, religions, economic systems, etc. brain wash us. I believe it is trying to get more people to think critically about what these institutions are really trying to accomplish. I'm agnostic, constitutional anarchist, and not a materialistic consumer so I have become accustomed to such thinking so perhaps that is why I enjoyed the movie. It was alarming to see the movie drift from individual critical thinking into some kind of robot driven communistic utopia.

Web Developer
Take Back Your Country!

under estimation

This movie is a carefully crafted piece of propaganda.

Exposing the fed was just a tactic to lure us into hating all money, and capitalism in particular, so that we will reject the CFL in favor of pie in the sky happy future world.

Look at the production value, I don't know how this can be any more plain.

This movie was good...

Untill about the halfway point and then it became the futurist manifesto

Does their future allow me the freedom to stay away from futurist weirdos? If so I'm in! 8]

www.umake.it - The online forum where people help people live within their means

good outlook.

You have their champ.If not for futurist weirdos you wouldn't have computers or cellphones or anything that makes your life a little easier.

Remember that next time you stroke that keyboard to type a response.

"When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

There's a difference between

There's a difference between science and futurists.

There is a branch of fascism that revolves around such propaganda, and that is the heritage of this little Zeitgeist cult.

Also, these people are asking us to stop supporting Ron Paul, and telling us we need to focus on the "cosmic collective consciousness".

Why would you support this garbage?

Hey man, I've been more about

technology and science well before I watched Zeitgeist. and that cosmic collective consciousness understanding I picked up on well before someone put it in a movie. I've been telling people that for a while now.

What's so wrong with people have a collective consciousness of world peace.

If no one placed value on money would we have poverty? If the things that mattered most wasn't personal gain but in stead appreciation of individualism and substantiated peace as the norm.

I think the movie lays out the problems of this world quite honestly.

Ron Paul supports peace. If somewhere along that line you forgot that then I'm reminding you again.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

hey "Social engineer" i

hey "Social engineer" i have noticed that you have been answering like everyones comment non stop on this thread! ha

Anyways how is a capitalist society gonna work when everything is automated???????????????

that of course wont be for another 40 years or so but just answer!

Yes, it is my pet project. I

Yes, it is my pet project.

I also noticed that you are completely gun-ho on this "technological Utopia" nonsense.

Pretty uncanny for someone who supposedly bought www.addendummovie.com just because they wanted to support Ron Paul.

From my observation: Too

From my observation:

Too many of you take yourselves WAY too seriously. I don't think i'd want to be in a real trench with most of you. It would be no fun at all. If i'm going to fight to the death, i want to enjoy myself. Some of you just don't get it.

I mean, so many of you take SO much offense at what NBC says, or CNN, or is Glenn Beck on or side or against or just stupid, or the Zeitgeist guys have a disinfo/NWO agenda. Just freaking do YOUR thing! You actually waste SO MUCH TIME complaining about what you don't agree with! Bullshit everyone. Bullshit. And you call yourselves freedom fighters. Some of you are the dicks that will want to kill every person who ever worked for a bank when this is all played out, unless they sign an official "I am not a Baath, I mean Banker." pass card.

The Ron Paul movement has been incredible, but many of you still need a long hard look in the mirror. I wish you well. From experience for sure it is not always easy. Well worth it, though, IMHO.