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Ron Paul on "Face the Nation" Sunday

Part I:

Part II below:

CBS has announced that Ron Paul will be a guest on this Sunday morning's "Face the Nation." Check local listings.

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This interview is so much

This interview is so much more interesting than Huckabees. All the other politicians are so fake and boring and all rhetoric. I enjoy listening to Ron Paul, it has substance.

the mainstream journalists

the mainstream journalists have been duped, decepted, & lied to for so,so long by corrupt politicans,they simply cannot "handle the truth" & appear totally perplexed & flabbergasted when they are confronted with it by "the great one"

randy n.


the definition of "Ron Paul in english? "the great one"

randy n.

Bob Schieffer's jaw drop

Did anyone else notice host Bob Schieffer's mouth hanging open after Dr. Paul commented on the organizer of the huge Nov 5 fundraiser? It's near the beginning. Dr. Paul blew the pronunciation of Mr. Lyman's name after struggling a bit to remember it. Lyman might have been offended, but consider what this might mean.

"Clyman" simply discovered Ron Paul's anti-war stance, looked further, discovered he liked Dr. Paul's other positions too & wanted to help out, we hear. "No big deal" seemed to be the message of Dr. Paul, who says he never met Lyman but called to thank him. And then we see a long shot of Schieffer, who appears to be in shock.

Once I saw it a second time I took more notice of what it might mean. Here is a rare and respected old school journalist witnessing something even more rare: A politician who is completely untainted by money.

Yup, you're right

Yup, you're right, MichiganJack.

I had to go back and look at it again, but the look on Bob's face is PRICELESS-- LOL! I have a lot of respect for Bob, he's one of the "good old boys" but in a GOOD, old-style journalist way.

It is truly refreshing to see the change in "tone" we have recently coming from these media personalities. Again, whether you agree with Ron or not, "respect" for such a man of integrity should still be extended, and now they are giving him his due in that respect.

As much as "WE" all know Trevor Lyman and the FANTASTIC work he did to rally us on November 5th, it's almost "charming" the way that Ron takes it in stride and seems more excited about a new political convert who had never been involved in politics picking up his cause than the actual MONEY this newbie raised for him...lol!

Face the nation

great analysis & perception indeed..agree 100%

randy n.

king soloman

i have that song on my phone from his myspace page. Wake up or Waco!

Wake up or Waco!

This episode should be called "Face The Truth"

There's nothing better than sitting back on a Sunday morning, sipping on a cup of coffee and listening to one the greatest statesmen this country has ever witnessed. Ron Paul's honesty and sincerity can not be denied and his bravery is amazing to me.

His expertise on economics, the Constitution, history and foreign policy are unmatched and unbeatable by any other candidate. He truly understands that some of the dangers we face may not only be from abroad... but will we head his warning? Apathy has been our biggest enemy and that has found a cure in his message. Millions are joining and supporting this movement because of it's honest and patriotic message. Ron Paul's words are inspirational and his courage resonates to all who love and cherish the freedoms we now find ourselves defending.

Today is Sunday, November 11, 2007. Hope is alive and well. I have no doubt Ron Paul will be our next President and that the Congress will have many changes coming as well. Although I am a registered Republican I will vote Libertarian for all other offices.

I can't wait until it's tea time!


The American Revolution 2.0 will not be televised... It will be downloaded!!!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Time to explain

Is it not wonderful that he was asked questions and then given the time to answer and explain his platform? My sister on the mainland was not into any candidate. I have been sending her stuff on RON PAUL and she was not impressed until today. She loved him after he was given the chance to tell about the Rosa Parks issue. She was down right excited that he was willing to reach into his own pocket for that. The Value Voters forum did not give him a chance to tell why he voted the way he did and that turned some off. He needs to explain those issues every chance he is given. I think we have a new convert. Aloha and Go team RON PAUL!!!

Dr. Paul 2008

Damn right Dr. Paul

We will be pushing you up the ladder.....

Ohhhh!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an absolutely amazing interview and an even more amazing interviewee... Dr Paul is leaps and bounds ahead of the race in terms of his sincerity and personability.. and his speaking skills - off the richter scale!!!



Huckabee refuses to answer question!

When asked whether he'd accept an invitation to share the ticket with Rudy G, serving as his vice-president, he didn't want to answer. The reason he gave for not wanting to answer is that of course, he'd want to be nominated president. However, it sounds like he would not rule out accepting to share the ticket with Rudy. Ironically, he was critical of Pat Robertson for endorsing Giuliani. What a disappointment. Huckabee is like all the other candidates--completely ego-driven!

Ron Paul is, of course, much more principled. Go Ron Paul!!

What Ron Paul Said

When Jay Leno asked Dr. Paul if he would consider being a VP to another republican, Paul replied, "I don't think I'd be invited!"

Other politicians would crawl over broken glass to get the job, and the perks, the limos, the access to power. Paul's not interested in that stuff; only saving the Republic. Whadda guy.

I noticed that too.

Talk about teflon......doesn't look like much sticks to Huckabee! Compare this with Ron Paul, who has said clearly, he couldn't be on a ticket with someone who didn't support his views of following the Constitution, because that would compromise his lifelong beliefs.

Ole Huckabee is so pro life, that he would snuggle up with Rudy at the drop of a hat, if the chance came his way. Principals? Where?

alan laney

Let's Not Forget

Let's not forget to email Bob Schieffer and Face the Nation to express approval for the fair interviews they gave to Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee.

pretty good

I thought it was a somewhat hostile interview--not that that's surprising. What purpose does it serve to ask RP whether he thinks we should even have a military? Some would argue it gives him the chance to dispel a false representation of his platform, but I'm not sure that supposed benefit outweighs the harm of broadcasting the very notion that RP might want to close down the entire military. Who else has even suggested it? And, of course: "Do you really, sincerely believe you have a chance to get the nomination?" How tired.

I do wish Dr. Paul would be careful, when he criticizes "paper money," that he not give viewers the impression that he wants everyone to deal in coins only.

All that said, I think Dr. Paul did a fine job and it was a big net gain for the campaign.


Hey Kevborg, I don't think

Hey Kevborg,

I don't think RP is against paper money, nor does he want to have only coins.
I believe he wants the money in any form (paper or coins) to be backed by gold or silver.

All that said, I think it's very exiting to see a man like Ron Paul running for president. I am not american so can't help with donations not voting, but I am spiritually sending all the the luck I can to this man.
I am also trying to convince every american i meet to at least look him up in Google and youtube.


Yeah, he's not against paper

Yeah, he's not against paper money, he's against money that is backed only by empty promises. You can use paper or even clamshells, as long as you can cash them in for something rare and valuable. That could be gold, silver, or any other desirable commodity. If you're Mad Max, the most valuable thing is gasoline. If you're in prison, you might back your promises with cigarettes.

The point is, you can't print money out of thin air. It isn't any more real than the stuff that came with your Monopoly board game.


"We should have a strong president -- strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power that a president shouldn’t have." --Ron Paul

I completely agree...

We should make an effort to send our thanks in the most eloquent way.

Collectivism is slavery.


Who the heck said Dr. Paul was not a good speaker? This was an incredible interview! Dr. Paul was given ample time to explain his stances in his always unmatched, humbly principled, and sincere delivery. He's our Nation's Granddad with wisdom to spare! President Paul 2008-2016!!!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!

You're right...

... this was one of the best interviews ever! He just kept hitting each pitch out of the ballpark. I especially loved how he turned Schieffer's list of "anti-this-and-that" to "pro-Constitution, pro-liberty, etc." Couldn't have been better!

just watched it again!

And all of Dr. Paul's "Pro" list WAS stinkin' awesome! This video is great anytime you need to be pumped up! Get out and tell someone about Ron Paul and his message of FREEDOM!!! Ron Paul 2008! Restore the Republic!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!

You're Right

You're right he's really awesome at these round-table discussions and I think that's where he's at his prime. Some times he has some trouble at rallies and sometimes where he isn't given much time to give a complete answer he has some trouble. Ron Paul knows so much about history and economics and politics that he tends to give encyclopedia answers to a lot of the questions. Not that I don't like it, I love it, its just that it means there's certain formats where he really shines and others where he will be somewhat less than perfect.

I think Ron Paul could use a good speechwriter under certain circumstances where it would make sense, but most of the time he's just fine as he is. Its really the message that counts more than the presentation.

Vote Ron Paul '08

It was me...and man was I wrong

Yeah, I posted once that Dr. Paul was a horrible speaker (in all good fun), but referring to his frequent stuttering, lack of annunciation, and tendency to ramble and bounce all over the place during speeches.

But HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT! This was about the most articulate, well-reasoned, on-the-fly interview I’ve ever heard…by ANYBODY. It’s almost like they gave him 5 chances to answer each question and then edited to only keep the best money answer!

I think the consensus is that he’s just getting a lot more comfortable and confident in these interviews…but whatever the reason, he sure nailed this one!

Totally Articulate

You're right, Ron Paul has confidence, and it's showing through on these interviews: Leno, Face the Nation, even the Philly rally.

He's so GREAT!

Parts 1 and 2



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Thanks! YouTube will likely

Thanks! YouTube will likely take them down due to copyright, but the video is now available at the official FTN site: http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/ftn/main3460.shtml


"Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests." --George Washington

Great interview!

Dr Paul's interview was much, much longer that Huckabee's. Dr Paul did a fantastic job as usual and he was also prompted to mention the Tea Party money bomb! RON PAUL REVOLUTION!

Ron Paul on Face the Nation today

Bump for timing...that is, Face the Nation is scheduled to come on soon.
(posted at 0831 CST)


I know its too much to hope for, but If Ron Paul could only squeeze in that his appearance coinsides with another fund-raising day.... Maybe we could put alot of money in early and Ron Paul could ask them to check how much he has already.
I know I am dreaming, but if they Bring Up Nov 5th, Ron ought to say "and if you check out my website today, I think you will be surprised another donation day is occuring" or some such thing... maybe alot of people watching will send in monies....
(sigh) I am dreaming of course...

I'm Giving at Midnight

Go Ron Go


Mike Huckabee is scheduled on as well. What a great opportunity for the campaign of Ron Paul!

On TV?

I haven't had a television for many years. But I think I used to like face the nation.
You know what I would really like??? If some one would tell me how to download Ron Paul: Hope for America, the video onto my computer so I can make copies for friends.
I e mailed it to a co worker and he told me he is sold. That video changed his mind for good. He is now a Ron Paul supporter. When I first met him he said he was voting for hillery. He said he watched the video and it brought tears to his eyes. He almost started crying. He had to turn his head away from his wife so she would not see him whimpering.
Hey, this is dramatic. He said he is going to paint his town with Ron Paul signs. He wants videos and signs. I feel like celebrating. I have been working on him for nine months. We got him on our side now.
So please. Will some one help me get "Hope for America" downloaded onto my computer so I can make discs and pass them out for free.
I am going to keep asking until some one tells me how. I feel like I should already know. And I probably should. But I don't. But I am going to learn.
You have a new friend!

Go Ron Paul!

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

VEOH is perfect for this!

This is what I use; it is the easiest for all Internet videos. To download a video just click download and poof, it is on your computer! All your videos are available all the time!

VeohTV BETA is free software that lets you watch and record Internet video from thousands of video sources.
Watch full-length episodes from ABC, CBS, NBC, YouTube, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, and thousands of others.

thanks man

this is kewl.
But now I can't find the video I was trying to download. :)

Go Ron Paul!

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.



This is the one that does it for me.

As for the one that you are looking for, it's getting real hard to find a specific RP vid on the Tube these days. There are so many. And a whole bunch with the name that you are looking for.

And I can't find today's "face the Nation" that is posted here.
It seems as if DP got the URL, via it's poster, long before it can be found on the You Tube search engine. I sure am glad that I download every one to my hard drive. :-) Hope you get that program installed.

BTW, Veoh drove me nuts cuz it tried to take over my puter.
I use "Applian Replay Media Catcher".
I believe it came with an ap that requires payment but the Catcher part works fine as a freebee.

I use an older version than what they offer now.
Maybe that's how I get by with using it free.
It is supposed to catch MP#s too but mine doesn't. Maybe that is the part that needs registration. At any rate let me know at vicdehaven@bluebottle.com if you would like the old version.
It's just about small enough (about 8 megs) to e-mail
Otherwise try the newer version here : http://applian.com/replay-media-catcher/index.php
and see what you get for free.


Vic DeHaven - organizer Quartzsite, Aridzone, Ron Paul Meetup Group

When we fear our own government more than we fear the terrorists, it's time for Ron Paul...

how to download videos

copy the url of the video
Ron Paul Hope for America
Ron Paul A new Hope

Open http://keepvid.com

Paste the video url in the box

Click the download button

Click the download hyperlink

Click Save

Give the file a name with a .flv extension

Select 'save as type' "all files"

Click Save

You will need an FLV player to play it. I love FLV-Player S. Here's the link


Here's a link of a video that shows a video being played in FLV Player-S


Good Luck


VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/) plays FLV files too.

that's the wrong URL for "Hope for America"

Here's the right one for what I think is the "Hope for America" you probably had in mind (out of several different videos),

Absurdly, both Mike Huckabee and Al Gore have videos proclaiming them to be hope for America. People try so hard to believe in other people, but in the end, you have to believe in yourself if you're going to believe in anyone else. Yet another reason I love the RPR. :-)

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Downloading YouTube Videos

Just Goggle "downloading youtube videos" and you will find several websites that will convert them for you. I did it with several of them then burned them to DVD with Nero. (free)

Minneapolis Mike

if you get the "Mozilla Firefox"

web browser, there is a program you can download that will make downloading youtube videos easy. Then go to C-Net downloads and get a program called "ConvertXtoDVD" which costs about $40 and lets you burn the video to dvd format.

Which network?

Which network is 'Face the Nation' on? Sorry, don't pay much attention to MSM these days. Woops! Didn't see the CBS in the above before I just jumped in and wrote the message. Never mind!

Great news!

I detect a little more attention from MSM. Did you see who the other scheduled guest is? VERY interesting.

Rx: For America


OHHHHHHHHH ..... This could get good!

God, please let them talk about Huckaboo's tax plan.......please oh please let RP loose on that to blow it out of the water and show what kind of an economic midget thought that up...... If I can figure out that his tax plan has major flaws, surely RP will be able to completely pick it apart.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.
Thomas Jefferson, 1791

Well, well, well

We aren't out of the woods yet, but things are looking up!

Rx: For America

Fantastic interview!

I loved this interview. Ron Paul seems to do poorly over teleconfrenced interviews but when sitting face to face he really shines. The questions that were asked were great, because even though they seemed confrontational, they reflect the general ignorance about Dr. Paul's stances. Ron Paul had the chance to explain himself well and he came across more likeable than I have ever seen him. I really believe that the November 5th money bomb has put a ton of confidence and hope into his heart. After so many years of being dismissed and ridiculed by his peers, it must be incredibly vindicating to have so many people supporting him now. Ron Paul looked warm and personable on the show. Meet the Nation is a show that many older people watch and I think that he won over a ton of new supporters witht that interview.