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Petition for a Fair ABC News Republican Presidential Forum

Taking a cue from MikekChicago who writes,

If I am not mistaken there is Aug. 5 ABC Tv debate just week before Straw Poll. I can imagine that those who intend to vote in Straw Poll will be watching the debate. I think there is action required before the debate. We've got a choice: Whine that our candidate didn't have enough time in the debate, or strongly demand from ABC to give equal time to Ron Paul as to "First Tier Candidates."

We should start very soon, if not now. Let's do it Iowa Taxpayers style.

That's such a great idea, and since there is no time like the Now, I started this petition:

For a Fair ABC News Republican Presidential Forum

Please read it, sign it, and spread the word!

Michael Nystrom

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Suggested Changes to Petition


In your petition you ask for a non-biased format, then you immediately state your bias for Ron Paul. I offer the following suggestion to reword the petition that I believe makes it much stronger and to the point without the confusing bias. One major advantage of this approach is that it will garner support (ie more signatures) from supporters of the other marginalized candidates, such as Huckabee, Tancredo, etc., in addition to those that simply want a fairer debate:

"To: ABC News
The corporate media bias at CNN's June 5th debate in New Hampshire was clear. Some of the candidates were marginalized not only physically - by being pushed to the far ends of the stage - but, also in terms of their limited speaking time, while others, namely the anointed "big three" were encouraged to dominate the stage and the alocated time in the debate.

We the undersigned believe there is no place for such bias in a presidential debate. We urge ABC news to give equal time to all candidates, and allow each candidate to answer all questions at the Iowa Republican Presidential Forum on August 5, 2007.


The Undersigned"

We Have An Opportunity

Michael, when you put this together the Clinton/Edwards open mike gaffe had not yet happened. I think it presents a real opportunity. I agree with the above and have two thoughts. First, if most people checked on the petition that their email was available to you, it might be very easy to revise and get everyone to re-sign. Second, there was another petition a while back for fair media coverage. It was close to 1000 signatures when I last looked. All those people would sign this as well as people in other marginalized campaigns as well as all Libertarians, Constitutionalists...lots of others. This has the potential to become huge if we all work together to get the word out. I am sure sites like Lew Rockwell and Information Clearinghouse would jump all over it...if totally unbiased. After all, that is all we want. Ron Paul will always come out as the most intelligent, honorable and trustworthy.


Petition May Be Okay As Is

Michael, in rereading the petition, it actually is unbiased in your last paragraph. I am now wondering if it really is in our best interests to take Ron Paul's name out as we are who we are and we actually believe Ron Paul IS first tier. Somehow we just have to prove in some way that our numbers are very large and growing. I think whether you leave it as is or change it...we just need to get the word out and get tons of signatures.

If you leave it as is, perhaps it is important in sending it to some sites where we know we have supporters for fair elections, tht the second paragraph is pointed out as everyone taking a stand in demanding that our choices be heard by all.

(A girl can change her mind, ya know) Just noticed that it is up to 655 signatures already. That's pretty good for just being up...what 48 hours?


I agree with morerice...

The intent of the petition is great, but lets not lose credibility by showing our bias (they'll assume it anyway). Also in the petition we should suggest a random draw for physical standing location, and not by any candidates preceived tier status. I like the idea to get the other marginalized candidate support for this petition ... again it adds to the credibility.


i agree, in the spirit of Ron Paul and his Fairness and un waivering equalitive standards. the only true way is to ask for eqaull time of all canidates

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