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For those interested in prophetic prediction

"Calamitous Web Bot Predictions"


Please be forewarned that the presented information can be disturbing

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Prophetic predictions.....

hmmmm kinda like repetitive redundancy????

the bots are on jeff rense

the bots are on jeff rense tonight!

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They are on Rense tonight 10-6

How can I listen ? isn't Rense radio only by subscription ?



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I didn't get much out that video other than

the "basically how it kind of works" and a 6 minute boring bio of the guys that do it. Is there anything that brings forward the details of what it has potentially discovered? (That video was beans, where's some steak?)


discussed below

Its only part one

Its only part one of twelve. This is the full 2 hour Coast to Coast AM segment featuring these guys.

Occasions Emergent


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At 8:00 AM CST George Ure will update

food freedom,one seed at a time.

Look for new udate today http://www.urbansurvival.com


"I killed the banks"

Does this tie in


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

I thought that was

really interesting. Thanks for posting.

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I predict no one will watch your video.

All it shows is a sheep. Is it supposed to do something? Say something?

It's a radio talk show

Kind of confusing how they get their info but a lot of the stuff is what we have already been hearing. Interesting though, watch on October 7 and see if anything happens.


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bleat! bahhh....graze

www.baldwin08.com - Chuck Baldwin or New World Order!

I would like to make a prediction

Something is going to happen next week !
And not everyone is going to like it !
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wow thats like 12 parts and I dont have much time at the moment

From the comments at the vid the implication is that something is predicted to happen on Oct 8th. Can you maybe give a quick 1 paragraph summary of the highlights of the 12 vids til i get a chance to view it in its entirety? Looks really interesting : )

Live Free or Diebold


~9/27 precursor

10/7/08-3/09 significant collapse, economic and military dovetail; massive magnitude (ex. false-flag event w/ Middle East)

10/15 US military lash (ex. Israel/Iran attack), potential extra-terrestrial activity

11/08 altered elections (potential revolt)

12/10-12/08 W. Coast quake; religious 'unburdening', globalism

winter 2008/spring 2009 natural disaster; 'rapture-like' activity

mid 2009 continental loss of low-level land

2010 alien conflict; polar shift etc


Admittedly, I lean to the mystical and realize some claims are rather exotic

So we

Know first contact is predicted Oct 14th . Correct ? This has been discussed on an earlier thread.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

I don't know

Perhaps other interviews might reveal such details

Not quite, close though

See their websites:


If you listen to them very carefully, this is merely YOUR interpretation of the perceived events - NOT theirs.

For those unfamiliar, this is based on linguistics, not some 'channeling' or 'astrology.' It is based on the language people use everyday. The theory is that all people pick up on emotions from events, backward in time, as well as forward. Highly charged events create stronger 'ripples' flowing outward from the 'pebble of the event' in all directions. This manifests in the language and word choice we use to talk about CURRENT events.

10/7 - a major event either in magnitude, or how many it effects, most likely financial

10/15 - again, and related to the first, most likely military in nature.
#'s are tough for them, either 2 million, 2.2 million, or 22 million people may be affected. Possible new war, maybe something else. They don't know, but it IS related to 10/7 event or people will perceive it that way.

They give a 20% chance these are brought about by environmental disaster, 40% financial related, and 40% military related.

If 10/15 is martial law, it will easily be perceived as necessary to restore order and a legitimate government response to 10/7 rather than something that was pre-meditated.

The issue might be minor like atm/credit cards not working for a short time, and it may be that 22 million are affected, which is why the event is so charged emotionally.

The best way they can describe the long term result of these two events is with the question "How would you like to go camping for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?" ( http://urbansurvival.com)

They don't see the elections as having ANY effect on the present situation, and that we will not know WHO is the new president for a couple of months.

(MY NOTE: this may be normal since the Electoral College doesn't vote till December 15th, and the votes are not counted until January 6th, which would be 2 months after we vote on November 4th, so if there is not a clear predicted majority by Nov 4th evening, we may have to wait for the electors to cast their votes to find out)

December 2008 - TWIN earthquakes - they DO NOT know where, though they suspect the Pacific NW.

Talk of revolution/rebellion as a result of the 10/7-15 events by the spring of 2009

'Disappearances' but NOT the 'rapture.' (I don't recall the time frame) It will affect people at random. May be space, science, or ET related. More like dimensional doorways affecting individuals at random odd times is the best way they can describe it.

Summer 2009 - the "summer of hell" they don't get specific, but the financial situation will continue to deteriorate, as will the social fabric.

Some type of GLOBAL COASTAL event in 2009. No specific time frame or window. No order of magnitude given. May be several inches noticeable, or several or more feet. Too early to tell. (They called this for 2008 back in '07, and it never happened - they think we aren't close enough yet for hard data to come through)

I don't recall anything about a Polar Shift, or actual ET contact. I'll have to listen again.

10/7 - Astroid to hit Sudan?

"The impact location has been narrowed down to 21N, 33E, at 2:46 UT, which is in in northern Sudan. The probability for impact is between 99.8% and 100%. The asteroid will track from the northwest, so observers in Europe, northern Africa could possibly see the atmospheric entry phase. Depending on the composition the atmospheric impact and breakup should release ~ 1 kiloton of energy."



People will have the choice.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


Apologies for any misinterpretations and thanks for corrections

Rapture-like activity?!?

I thought we missed that opportunity! (Feast 'of Trumpets '08)

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seems to me

that a lot of federal reserve notes have been raptured in the last couple of weeks.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."