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Who Remembers Congressman- Jim Traficant?

***** WHY JIM TRAFICANT IS REALLY IN JAIL(I add a few comments at the end of Traficant's remarks.)The following summary is from a website I've lost track of: On 17March 1993, almost a decade before he was sentenced to prison foreight years on 30 July 2002 and dismissed as a crackpot by the media, James Traficant, a Congressman from Ohio, delivered an extremely important speech before the House of Representatives, exposing the fact that the federal government of the United States has been illegitimate ever since it was declared bankrupt by the Emergency Banking Act of 1933.Although comparable in importance to George Washington's Farewell Address and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, this historic message by James Traficant has been studiously ignored by media pundits and university scholars, as a result of which the American people have yet to receive his urgent wake-up call.

Begin Traficant speech on the floor of the House of Representatives:

The Bankruptcy of The United States United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 The Speaker is Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:"Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11... Members of Congress areofficial trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of anyBankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, ablueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner's report that will lead to our demise.It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congressional session, June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend the Gold Standard and AbrogateThe Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States , Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only. The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departmentsare now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established ocialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: "The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States?' . . . Their lust is for power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations. . . . The Federal Reserve System is a sovereign power structure separate and distinct from the federal United States government.. . . Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913)"hypothecated" all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, -in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant,franchisee) was registered as a "beneficiary" of the trust viahis/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United Stateshypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets andlabor of their "subjects," the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to theFederal Reserve System. In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federalUnited States corporation all the credit "money substitute" itneeded. Like any other debtor, the federal United States governmenthad to assign collateral and security to their creditors as acondition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn't haveany assets, they assigned the private property of their "economicslaves", the U.S. citizens as collateral against the unpayablefederal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federalterritories, national parks forests, birth certificates, andnonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution,feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the commonpeople had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again,We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank.We the people have exchanged one master for another. This has been going on for over eighty years without the "informed knowledge" of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it's easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt.Why don't more people own their properties outright? Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less? We are reaping what has been sown, and the results of our harvest isa painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property,precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it. America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order! Wake up America! Take back your Country." END OF TRAFICANT'S REMARKS

My comments: In a nutshell, the super Criminal President Franklin D.Roosevelt, front man for the Rothschild banksters, signed a law putting the US into bankruptcy in 1933, and gave all property and future
possessions and property of all the citizens and future citizens to the Rothschild banksters, making us all serfs who own nothing.These are the same banksters who are now pillaging the USA through"our" pathetic and criminal Congress.Of course, this is all paper fiction which can be undone as easily as it was done. That's why we're directing people to the Precinct System to take back the country in 2010.We can declare these Money Changer laws null and void, and arrest all those who are still alive. And then put the monetary system in the hands of men who will serve the people and the nation, -- instead of ruthlessly exploiting the nation for their own profit and lust for power.Congressman Traficant sits in jail still for saying such things as above, as well as winning some decisive battles against the Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate who are the International Banksters who oppress our country and mankind..

Jim Condit Jr.

Google video of Jim Traficant:


Sounds like an intersting guy.


Cool youtube:


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30 Second Speeches by a true Patriot! Made from the house floor!

October 31, 1997
Mr. Speaker, poll after poll suggests a growing problem in America. Many Americans do not trust the Federal Government. Pollsters keep trying to figure it out. I believe it is not all that complicated.
In my opinion, the American people in growing numbers do not trust the Federal Government because many Americans believe that the Federal Government does not always tell the truth. The pollsters can constipate all they want over this issue. This is no brain surgery. It is very simple. No truth, no trust. Trust and truth are inseparable.
I yield back Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pan Am 103, and Camelot.

October 21, 1997
Madam Speaker, the White House is opposed to shifting the burden of proof from the taxpayer to the IRS. The White House wants to leave it alone, smack dab on the taxpayer.
The White House says it will cost too much. Unbelievable. The IRS accuses; the taxpayer must prove it. Could my colleagues imagine George Washington opposing the Bill of Rights over dollars and cents?
Shame, White House. Shame. As far as I am concerned, the White House will get the burden of proof change in a civil tax case one way or the other. They will either accept it with common sense and good logic, or they will get it as a stone cold congressional suppository.
Madam Speaker, I would tell them, `Make your choice, White House, and make our 1040. It is time to put the Bill of Rights back into the Tax Code. Audit this.'

April 23, 1997
Mr. Speaker, the World Bank, funded by American dollars, just gave another $250 million to Russian coal miners. The problem is no one knows what happened to the first $250 million. That is right, bye-bye, $250 million.
Now, if that is not enough to massage your chapter 11, check this out: Russian officials say the $250 million is lost. Where is the money, Mr. Speaker?
Since 1992, $7 billion of American money going to the World Bank ends up in Russia. Where is the money?
I say, while the World Bank, with American dollars, is providing jobs for Soviet and old Soviet Russian coal miners, American coal workers are getting pink slips and black lung.
Beam me up. I say somebody at the World Bank is smoking dope and they are inhaling. I think we need some common sense here. Yield back the balance of our carcinogens involved with this.

April 10, 1997
Mr. Speaker, thousands of gulf war vets have complained about nerve gas problems to no avail, and after all this the CIA now admits they had warnings as early as 1984 that Iraq had stored nerve gas in their ammunition depots that were later blown up by American troops. Unbelievable. The CIA now says they did not tell the Pentagon and it was a mistake.
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. I do not believe the CIA, and when thousands of gulf war vets are treated like whining hypochondriacs something is very wrong. I say these vets deserve the truth and the help of Congress.
Furthermore, I say to my colleagues, if we want to balance the budget, we could save $30 billion in our intelligence budget by hiring Barney Fife, who will do a much better job and be a hell of a lot more honest.


Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Kennedy and Frank are still in Congress. Beam me up Mr.Speaker


It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
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I knew Jim Traficant as he

did business with a good friend of mine.

BTW, about his hair - it was a hairpiece, that's why it looked a bit different all the time - none of the looks were good!

He did speak up and speak out and may have done some things "on the edge". But, he supported our country and worked hard as our Congressman.

He ruffled some feathers of the Youngstown OH crime bosses and worked to stop corruption. That puts a big target on your back.

So he was hit hard from formidable adversaries on local and federal levels.

They will keep him under scrutiny and if he is a threat again, they will go after him again.

I heard that if all he$$ breaks out here in U.S., the first thing they will do is eliminate all federal prisoners as they are a threat to the govt. And then re-fill the fed prisons with other patriots.

Yep Traficant was railroaded

Yep Traficant was railroaded for speaking the truth

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Quote from Mr.Traficant

When I get out I will grab a sword like Maximus Meridius Demidius and as a Gladiator I will stab people in the crotch.

I wonder if the press will cover his release in 2009

Back in the old Patriot Days,

people met & mostly discussed tax resistance, Waco & Oklahoma City. The only person in congress who seemed to voice our concerns was Traficant. His name came up when we wondered why congress was so unconstitutional & corrupt. How could he be so in touch, and the rest so neo-con? Then, he was railroaded & imprisoned. I swear it happened because too many people were saying, "Who in the heck is this guy? and I think he's speaking the truth!" If you have feelings for Traficant, go here & tell him you know he's still alive - help him!


Old patriot days

And what a voice he was. Saying what we were all thinking and feeling. He has my eternal gratitude.

Dr. Pauls speech about Traficant from the Congressional Record

Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding me this time, and I rise in support of the motion by the gentleman from Ohio.

It is not easy to do this, obviously, and it is difficult for all of us to be here because it seems like, on the surface, there was unethical, probably illegal, and certainly bizarre behavior, and we feel offended by this and we feel compelled to do something to prove that we are keeping our House in order.

I am not an expert on the legal part of this case. I would not pretend to be, and the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct deserves the credit for the effort they went through to dig out the information. But the process disturbs me, and that is why I wanted to take a minute or two to talk about that.

The point was made earlier that the House's conditions are a lot different than the legal conditions for guilt and, therefore, they are not as stringent. But we would not be here if Mr. TRAFICANT had not been convicted, and so that is key. That is the important issue.

And that trial bothers me. I do not accept it as a good, fair, legitimate trial. I do not think all the witnesses were heard that should have been heard, and I think some of the witnesses may well have been ``bribed'' into doing and saying certain things.

But there is more that bothers me. I would like to see the appeals process completed. I was here in 1984, on my first tour of duty here in the House, and the George Hansen case came up and we voted then to convict. I think he had FEC violations and we voted to censure him. He lost his election, he lost his job, he lost his money, he went to jail and served time, and then he was exonerated on everything. He won all his appeals. I do not see the need to rush to judgment, certainly tonight.

I am not happy that when the gentleman finally gets an opportunity to come and defend himself, he gets a total of 30 minutes. Really? And have my colleagues looked at the record of the case in Ohio? It contains a stack a foot high. Thirty minutes to defend himself? I do not think that is really fair.

But there is another thing that bothers me, and that is the change of venue. I believe that the change of venue has been used historically in this country to make sure that the most horrible criminal gets a fair trial and gets his case moved from a area unduly influenced by media coverage. Have any of my colleagues ever heard of a trial being moved for the benefit of the State and to the disadvantage of the defendant? It may have happened, but I do not know about it, and I think that in itself is a reason to step back, take a look at this, and vote for the motion by the gentleman from Ohio.

Mr. Speaker, many of Congressman Traficant's actions are impossible to defend. Mr. Traficant has most likely engaged in unethical behavior. I would hope all my colleagues would join me in condemning any member who would abuse his office by requiring his staff to pay kick-backs to him and/or do personal work as a condition of employment. I also condemn in the strongest terms possible using one's office to obtain personal favors for constituents, the people we are sent here to represent. Such behavior should never be tolerated.

However, before expelling a member we must consider more than eccentric behavior and even ethical standards. Questions of whether the process of his court conviction and expulsion from Congress respected Mr. Traficant's constitutional right to a fair trail and the right to be represented of those who elected him to office, are every bit as important.

Many Americans believe that Congress daily engages in ethically questionable and unconstitutional actions which are far more injurious to the liberty and prosperity of the American people than the actions of Mr. Traficant. Some question the ability of Congress to judge the moral behavior of one individual when, to take just one example, we manage to give ourselves a pay raise without taking a direct vote on the issue.

Mr. Speaker, after carefully listening to last week's ethics hearing, I have serious concerns over whether Mr. Traficant received a fair trial. In particular, I am concerned over whether the change of venue denied Mr. Traficant a meaningful opportunity to present his care to a jury of his peers. Usually change of venue is instituted in cases where the defendant is incapable of receiving a fair trial. I am unaware of any case where the venue is changed for the benefit of the state.

However, the most disturbing accusations concern the possibility that Mr. Traficant was denied basic due process by not being allowed to present all of his witnesses at the trial. This failure raises serious questions as to whether Mr. Traficant had the opportunity to present an adequate defense. These questions are especially serious since one of the jurors from Mr. Traficant's criminal trial has told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that had he heard the testimony of Richard Detore at Mr. Traficant's trial, he would have voted ``not guilty.''

Mr. Speaker, I also question the timing of this resolution and the process by which this resolution is being brought to the floor. Mr. Traficant's conviction is currently on appeal. Many Americans would reasonably wonder whether the case, and the question of Mr. Traficant's guilt, can be considered settled, until the appeals process is completed. I fail to see the harm that could be done to this body if we waited until Mr. Traficant has exhausted his right to appeal.

Prior to voting to expel Mr. Traficant before he has completed his appeals, my colleagues should consider the case of former Representative George Hansen. Like Mr. Traficant, Mr. Hansen was convicted in Federal court, censured by the Congress, and actually served time in Federal prison. However, Mr. Hansen was acquitted on appeal--after his life, career and reputation were destroyed.

If my colleagues feel it is important to condemn Mr. Traficant before the August recess, perhaps we should consider censure. Over the past 20 years, this body has censured, instead of expelled, members who have committed various ethical and even criminal activities, ranging from being convicted of bribery to engaging in sexual activity with under-age subordinates.

I am also troubled that Mr. Traficant is only being granted a half-hour to plead his case before the house. Spending only an hour to debate this resolution, as if expelling a member of Congress is of no more importance than honoring Paul Ecke's contributions to the Poinsettia industry, does no service to this Congress.

In conclusion Mr. Speaker, because of my concerns over the fairness of Mr. Traficant's trial I believe it is inappropriate to consider this matter until Mr. Traficant has exhausted his right to appeal.

Wow, Im always amazed by his fairness and compassion.

Thank you for posting this

I love his remarks.

Jewish Crime Syndicate?

Oh btw Yarmuth of KY voted YES the second time around on the Bailout..

Yes he is Jewish. I have no Idea if other Jewish members of Congress voted for it the second time but after having read this I'll check some sources.

Zionist not Jews are the answer to my thoughts... I am just curious now which ones changed their tune.

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I remember him too

Looked like he combed his hair with an eggbeater, but he made a lot of sense most of the time. Even though he was a Democrat, Rush Limbaugh would often laud his comments made on the House floor.

I remember that guy.

I remember that guy. Probably one of the first persons that I chose to watch on CSpan. I remember him going off on some tangent. It was a wild speech and I just couldn't believe that this guy was talking to Congress.

That speech was probably one of his last few before being removed. I have no idea what it was about now but I definitely remember the name.

bump for a


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I remember

Have saved a cassette recording of Jim Traficant’s speech against GATT which was passed Dec. 1, 1993 against the American people’s will just like the Bail Out. It still brings tears to my eyes. There is a book written on how they plotted to take him down. http://www.americanfreepress.net/newsletter/traficant.htm and article http://www.the7thfire.com/Politics%20and%20History/Traficant...

I grew up

in Ohio not far from his district. I remember hearing about him all the time, but was too young to understand politics. I guess I don't understand why he was kicked out, but the rest of the criminals are still there. I guess the government was out to get him.

The selection of Palin

Does anyone think Palin got to be Governor of Alaska by her own PTA self? The selection of Palin showed me that what has been going on is Neocons gave up conservatives..while Neoliberals gave up liberals, and as Amerians were happy to see the corruption removed, what we really going on was the neoliberals and neocons were making rooms for the Palin's they ahve apparently, like Obama, groomed to be our leaders.

We need a Congress full of

We need a Congress full of people like him.

"You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning." --Andrew Jackson,

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Is he getting the diesel therapy?

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"Fire Team for Freedom"
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Ron Paul voted present at his expulsion hearing

I wonder if Dr Paul and Traficant were friends?? I hope traficant gets re elected I would love to see someone in the house with the balls this guy had. Called Janet Reno a traitor and wanted government to fear the people. My kind of guy, like to sit down and have a beer with him when he gets out.

Hear Hear

Libera me, let the truth break, what my fears make--Leslie Phillips

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When I was first researching

When I was first researching Ron Paul and admiring his apparent wisdom and discretion, I was reminded of Traficant. I remember at the time of his hearing I had thought it convenient that the IRS was auditing someone who was so outspokenly opposed to the IRS, but I had not bothered to look into it further. On a whim, I decided to see what Ron Paul's stance was on the indictment of Traficant. As you pointed out, he voted "present" -- not "yes" or "no". Digging deeper, I found that he actually gave a speech that day in which he said that Traficant's trial had raised some peculiarities and that he believed that the case was being rushed through congress too quickly. He called for a more thorough court case since apparently they had not brought certain key witnesses to testify -- witnesses whose testimony the jurors said would have changed their vote. (I am not sure where the original link is for that speech. If you are interested, I can try to track it down)

It was one of many things that really made me enthusiastic about Ron Paul. He stood up for due process and justice when no one else would.

Congressional record

Yes I was interested in seeing if he made a speech after I found out his vote as well, so I went to the Congressional Record and read it. It was awesome talking about how the trial may not have been fair and about what how another member of Congress was charged and his life destroyed and then he was later exonerated. Excellent read, I posted it at the top of this thread if you would like to refresh your memory.

BTW Traficant gets released in September of 2009

One minute speeches

His one minute speeches from the floor of the house were classics. one of the few people in government worth listening to. For some big laughs check out the speeches at the site linked below:


I wrote my congressman years

I wrote my congressman years ago to vote against conviction in his ethics trial. Got a personal response but he voted to convict.

Jim Traficant was bold on his remarks

i always like him

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master... George Washington

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master... George Washington

He used to speak on the

He used to speak on the house floor in particular moments of unreality and say "Beam me up scotty" Then procede to explain the true motivations of a particular debate.