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Pete V. Domenici, Return letter on Bail Out ??? hmmmm

Dear William:

Thank you very much for contacting me with regard to your concerns. I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with me.

As you may know from my announcement last October, I am retiring at the end of my current term. My decision to leave my office as your United States Senator was not made easily.

As my time in office comes to an end, I would like you to know a little bit more about what happens when a Senator retires. Closing a Senate office-especially after six terms-is a multi-month process, and part of that process means I will be unable to provide a detailed response to each constituent letter as I have in the past.

As my offices in Washington and New Mexico move toward closure, other constituent services beyond correspondence will also cease. As this process moves forward, I encourage you to reach out to Senator Jeff Bingaman's office for assistance you may need regarding the federal government or legislation before Congress.

There is no doubt in my mind that these past 36 years spent serving the people of New Mexico have been life changing for me, my family, and the state. I have enjoyed every minute of my time representing you in Washington. I cannot express how much I will miss being your Senator.

When I was elected, I pledged to work as hard as I could for all New Mexicans. I have done my best to keep that pledge. I will continue to do so until the day I leave office in January 2009. Once again, I thank you for your correspondence and for the honor of allowing me to serve you.


Pete V. Domenici

United States Senator