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Asia stock market down over 1000 points

HSI 14821.93 -1121.31 -7.03%

NIKKEI 8271.21 -886.28 -9.68%

China 1995.521 -79.062 -3.81%

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This right here could be the unwinding alone with the return of the short sellers. This is huge and unavoidable. 10 cents on the dollar. Pure trouble.




I have a feeling it could be

I have a feeling it could be a bad day tomorrow too. Maybe even a 1000 point drop.


Anyone else see Wall Street shutting down tomorrow? I think its gonna be a real bad day. Real bad.

More info please gav.

Did you come across something?


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gut feeling for me. I have

gut feeling for me. I have no basis other than 7 straight days of losses and confidence is horribly low.